More sexual miscellany

One way to express the contradiction at the heart of “gay marriage” is that it demands the right to a special status—marriage—in the name of abolishing special status. The real effect of such demands is to eliminate marriage in favor of equal treatment of living arrangements. The sentimentality about how nice married life is, and shouldn’t it be available to gays too, can only have a rhetorical function. One sign of the real tendency of things is the recent attempt to secure the equivalent of alimony in consequence of a rather stormy adulterous affair. Another is the approving treatment in the Newpaper of Record of promiscuous grandmas—aren’t they cute? Even bestiality gets an accepting nod from the “mainstream press” today when they aren’t putting on a show to get at Senator Santorum. Because the whole point is that nothing is special—everything must be treated in the same way as everything else.

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