Commentarii de bello

Commentaries on the war for the transformation of human life and attainment of absolute politically-correct purity:

  • To criticize purity is to embrace its opposite. It follows that there can be nothing wrong with the goals of the war. Any problems are due to other factors and the failure to pursue the goals with sufficient singlemindedness. As Newsweek senior writer Seth Mnookin points out, those who question the foregoing are rabid ideologues. After all, since the goal of the exercise is diversity, those who doubt it can’t be a legitimate part of the diversity to be achieved. There’s no place for them, they’re just mad dogs who have to be put down.
  • But how do you ensure universal Gleichschaltung? At first, with formal procedures. Pro sports is heavily black, but some pockets are still too white. Diversity means you can’t have that. So you start by raising questions, and asking for explanations: baseball minority hiring initiative requires teams to provide a list of minority candidates for upper level posts.
  • If raising questions isn’t enough, you impose financial sanctions. For example, diversity means that there can be no principles of social order other than rational markets and bureaucracies. In particular, the universal practice of recognizing human sexuality as a fundamental principle of social order must be eradicated. Sex is to be simply what the individual makes of it, and diversity requires suppression of all thoughts and practices that suggest the contrary. That is why the Miami-Dade Boy Scouts have lost their annual United Way funding. They aren’t willing to accept that homosexuality and the normal development of sexuality are equivalent, so they have to be squashed.
  • Financial sanctions imposed on organizations are obviously not enough to transform human life comprehensively. Total control of the soul is needed. To that end, we must be trained from childhood to accept that we are in the custody of those who know better and will look out for us. In particular, we must be trained to avoid thought and feel only horror in connection with anything that hints at forceful action. And that is why a 6th grader who found a 2-inch pocketknife in his backpack, and puzzled over it with his friends for half an hour before showing it to a teacher, was, in an act of politically-correct child abuse, grilled at length and then suspended.

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