O tempora, o mores

A tale of two causes: “queering the schools”—mainstreaming homosexual and polymorphously perverse themes throughout education—goes forward, and the only people who complain are said to be homophobic cranks. Meanwhile, it’s a huge scandal if the Secretary of Education praises Christian schools very moderately (“all things being equal, I’d prefer to have a child in a school where there’s a strong appreciation for values, the kinds of values that I think are associated with the Christian communities, so that this child can be brought up in an environment that teaches them to have strong faith and to understand that there is a force greater than them personally”).

The links are well worth reading. “Queering the schools”—the goal is the abolition of all order in a fundamental part of the human person, his sexuality—is a remarkably evil undertaking, but nobody objects to it. After all, the abolition of gender as a principle of social order is considered an obligation of public morality today, and in order to abolish it publicly it will no doubt have to be undercut and disrupted privately in every way imaginable. Radical measures are needed to get rid of something that’s always been so basic to human life.

Radicalism and hatred often go together, so in a way it’s not surprising the comments on Secretary Paige’s remarks have been so virulent in their bigotry. U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) said they stood for “the Taliban approach to education,” for example, and joined 11 other members of Congress in sending a letter to him saying, “If you are unprepared to make clear that this sort of religious bigotry has no place in the Department of Education, then we would urge you to resign.” Personally, I’d suggest other resignations, starting with Ackerman’s.

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