Turnabout makes its debut!

Here’s my new weblog, which expands my old Metanoia log and folds in entries from View from the Right (which will continue its separate existence).

As the description states, it’s a place for exploring culture, politics, tradition and Catholicism. The point of view I’ll be presenting is that there’s something wrong with politics and culture today, that our response to the problems must grow out of experience and an orientation toward things that transcend us, and that Catholicism and a return to tradition is a necessary part of that response.

“Exploring” means I’m no expert in any of this. I’m a very new Catholic, and while I’ve written a bit about politics and culture it’s an inexhaustible topic. So all I can do is my best, with the help of anyone who’s willing to comment. Do take a look at what’s here, I hope you find something to interest you, and let me know what you think!

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