Lord God of Hosts?

The Pope says that violence cannot be invoked in the name of God. Cardinal Ratzinger adds that “God is reconciliation and peace. He must be seen as the one who unites us and not as the one who separates us and justifies violence.” [The quotation is from an emailed Zenit.org story that I can’t find at their site.]

I can certainly understand why those men would say such things, and it may be prudent to say them right now. But how true are they? Christ said he came to bring not peace, but a sword ( Matthew 10:34-39). And military action can sometimes be a duty, and when it’s a duty God presumably favors it. If the leaders of the Church tailor what they say about God to the needs of even the best political causes they’ll confuse doctrine and lose their rightful authority. Could that be a danger here?

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