The caring society

“Free to be you and me,” which at bottom refers to the notion that the only moral connections among human beings are contract and the abstract solidarity of the tolerant and inclusive welfare state, has some unfortunate implications. Here’s one, which comes out of life as actually lived in our nation’s capital: Witnesses’ apathy caught on tape. A man got fatally shot at a gas station in broad daylight in the presence of a number of people, who continued going about their business as if nothing had happened.

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  1. It’s only slightly less
    It’s only slightly less appalling than the case in Ft. Worth, TX last year where the nurse’s aid hit a homeless man and left him to die embedded in the windshield of her car, later having her boyfriend and pals dump the body and destroy evidence. Notice how fast that case dissapeared down the memory hole. The fact that the victim was white and the perpetrator was black is undoubtedly the reason why. No hate crime charge either.

  2. May I build on Gracian’s
    May I build on Gracian’s and Carl’s comments by submitting the. Kew Gardens murder in white, middle class, Queens, NY; 1964, which shocked and horrified the nation.

    Perhaps we should attempt instead to discern the actual underlying causes, of why such apathy could occur. It might be more productive.

  3. I would like to add to Mr.
    I would like to add to Mr. Kalb’s premise which I think is dead on correct, by submitting Urban Renewal which was tangentially part of the welfare state, and whose focus was to destroy, culture, family bonds and parish life, thereby reducing Americans to individuals, and increasing American narcissism.

    Is it any wonder that blacks and inner city whites signify decadence in America, since they were the benefactors of so many hellish welfare state programs, along with all else which has brought the rest of America to such a degraded condition.

  4. I believe that the welfare
    I believe that the welfare state (and social democracy as political organization) are factors in this dissociative type of behavior. I also believe that race is a factor. I’m assuming that the people involved were black. Blacks display psychopathic behavior and a lack of sympathy and empathy to a degree that is truly disturbing as compared to whites. My belief in the latter is based on observation and experience and is corroborated in Race, Evolution and Behavior by J. Phillippe Rushton.


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