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A Christian activist who became HIV positive after his wife was infected by a blood transfusion is withdrawing from the presidential AIDS advisory panel under pressure because it came out that he had called AIDS the “gay plague” and homosexuality a “death style” that could be cured by Christianity. As Ari Fleischer said, “The views that he holds are far, far removed from what the president believes … The president has a total opposite view. … The president’s view is that people with AIDS need to be treated with care, compassion.”

Thanks for sharing, Ari. I hadn’t noticed the guy said anything against care and compassion, but after all the president has all the facts. I would have thought that a man who is dying along with his wife, almost certainly as a result of the sexual conduct of homosexuals, should at least be able to make a rather mild comment on the situation. It seems not, though. Compassion is reserved for the bug chasers of the world, who live the death style instead of just dying as its innocent victims.

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  1. I hope the world ( or vfr
    I hope the world ( or vfr anyway) will always remember Kimberly Bergalis, a virginal and vibrant Christian teenager from Ft. Pierce Florida, who was deliberately infected with Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome by, David Acer, Kimberly’s closet homosexual dentist.

    Despite the denials and the “rally round” cry of the left homosexual lobby, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta proved scientifically that the pervert had given his exact and individual strain of AIDS to several of his his patients after he learned that he was positive for active HIV himself.

    He thus became the first in a long string of AIDs people who intentionally murder some of the heterosexual community by transferring their debasement outside the druguser – homosexual community that keeps AIDS alive in America.

    For Acer it was those who became patients at his dental ofices.Every single one of his infected patiebnts died.

    It takes no stretch of the imagination to think that the abberent group called homosexiual activists also embrace suicide-murder pacts among themselves.

    The media rarely uses the phrase AIDS, preferring the misleading HIV appellation, because it is missing the distinctive word “Acquired” which is “too judgmental” for their elitist tastes.


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