God and man in New Jersey

Religious tolerance in America: Honor guardsman at military cemetery fired for blessings. He apparently followed written policy by mentioning God when the mourners were religious, but his superior thought it violated the First Amendment and New Jersey anti-harassment policy.

The emerging rule seems to be that any act in any public setting that gives credence to the idea of God is forbidden because it’s an affront to nonbelievers. I noticed a day or so ago that the same is not true of Martin Luther King. Does anyone know when MLK came to outrank God?

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  1. Interesting question about
    Interesting question about MLK, Mr. Kalb. VDARE had an article by Paul Gottfried a couple of days ago that commented on how King has now replaced Christ as the central redemptive figure in Western society. Marcus Epstein’s devastating critique of the King myth was was given a hyperlink to the page with Gottfried’s piece by the VDARE edtiors as well. The leftist campaign to re-write history is well under way here in America. It’s amazing how even mainstream conservatives like Joseph Farah and James Dobson have created their own MLK myth to support their arguments – which the real King would never have agreed with.

  2. “Dumas replied that the
    “Dumas replied that the blessing could offend Jews and Muslims”

    The only Jews or Muslims which that perfectly non-denominational blessing could offend would be intolerant, bigoted religion-haters totally lacking in respect and common sense. No normal Jew or Muslim would be, or could be, even remotely offended by those words.


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