Sensitivity kills

Let sleeping dogs lie, be culturally sensitive, and above all don’t rock the boat: FBI investigators were ordered to stop Clinton-era investigations into suspected terror cell linked to al Qaeda. It’s hard to push an investigation forward when the higher-ups, for whatever reason, don’t want it to happen. And it gets even weirder when a Muslim agent refuses to record a suspect because “a Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim” and then gets promoted to one of the FBI’s most important anti-terrorism posts.

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  1. The story about the Muslim
    The story about the Muslim FRI agent who refused to tape record the conversations of a Muslim terror suspect and was then promoted to an important anti-terror post in Saudi Arabia is the worst. It shows the state America is really in. America is being run by people whose very belief system makes it impossible for them to distinguish between a patriot and a traitor, because to make such a distinction is discriminatory.

    As I’ve said since September 2001, we are now in the apocalypse of liberalism: Either liberalism is abandoned, allowing America to survive in a non-liberal form, or liberalism is not abandoned, and America will be destroyed, along with its liberalism. Either way, liberalism is doomed.

    Liberalism, which denies the existence of basic aspects of reality including the reality of group differences, was able to function and get by as long as it made a series of compromises with the reality principle. But now, as liberalism runs up against an uncompromising enemy—i.e. the Musulman—to recognize reality would mean recognizing that there truly is an Other who is completely unassimilable to us. In the confrontation with this Other, any room for compromise has run out. Liberals must either recognize the Other as the Other, and so abandon liberalism with its belief in universal human sameness, or refuse to recognize the Other as the Other, and let America be destroyed.

  2. “America is being run by
    “America is being run by people whose very belief system makes it impossible for them to distinguish between a patriot and a traitor … ” —Lawrence Auster

    We saw in a recent VFR blog entry that the proportion of Britain’s two-million-strong Muslim Community who’d want the U.S. and Britain to lose a war against Iraq and bin Laden was one in six. How do we know the proportion isn’t the same among Muslim FBI agents?

    Didn’t we all see how that bank-loan officer, or whatever she was, refused mentally to “see” aught suspicious about Mohammad Atta when he virtually laid out his terrorist plans on the table before her—all while looking, talking, and acting like a raving lunatic—because she’d been so conditioned by liberalism to not “see” anything negative about dark-skinned people? Atta could have been hauled in for questioning right then and there, had that bimbo not been so blinded by all her federally-mandated employee “ethnic, gender, and sexual-orientation sensitivity sessions” at her job.

    Jeffrey Dahmer wouldn’t have killed that one 14-year-old Laotian kid, had the police who questioned him for suspicious behavior in regard to the stuporous kid (who’d been drugged by Dahmer and was trying to escape) not been similarly brainwashed by job “sensitivity training” to the effect, “let homosexuals do what they want—do not judge them or interfere.” (Dahmer later said he killed the boy the instant he got him back to his apartment, and of course the two police officers got blamed, instead of the liberals who’d virtually forbidden them to ever interfere with the el-bizarro activities of the super-weirdo gay demi-monde.)


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