2 thoughts on “More growing pains for inclusiveness”

  1. Once one understands the
    Once one understands the basic truth (which I first learned on “View From the Right” among the posts of Jim Kalb, Lawrence Auster, and Matt) that extreme liberalism is naught but a parasite on traditional society, just as much in need of all society’s traditional bedrock rules, regulations, and institutions for its survival as a tapeworm is of a functioning human gut, one sees how truly infantile, stupid, and ridiculous these liberal clowns are in Northampton, Mass. As if they could survive ten seconds without the intactness of the traditional rules and institutions they constantly strive to oppose and topple! They lack respect, and are dishonest morons who are playing childish games while the real adults must ever clean up after the mess they make!

  2. The story quotes Police
    The story quotes Police Chief Russell Sienkiewicz: “I’m here to protect everyone’s rights, not just the people who want people taken off the street.”

    Liberalism redefines everything in liberal terms, even the age-old function of police. The function of police in liberal society is not to protect the public safety and ensure law and order. It’s to protect everyone’s “rights,” the rights of beggars and criminals as well as the rights of ordinary citizens. So, for example, when a policeman stops a criminal from robbing or killing people, he’s not protecting their lives and property; he’s protecting their “rights.”


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