3 thoughts on “Conservative trend in France?”

  1. It is always amusing to
    It is always amusing to watch different sorts of liberals argue over who is _really_ for freedom and equal rights (the other guys are of course always just power-grubbing opportunists with selfish motives, not _real_ liberals). At least it is amusing up until the arguing turns into another bloody ruthless genocidal war of liberals[x] versus liberals[y], fed with the blood and bones of the innocent.

  2. Matt, these may not all be
    Matt, these may not all be liberals. It looks like there may be some former fence-sitters and scaredy-cats among France’s elites and intellectuals who are at long last waking up to the merits of the paleo position there, that immigration should be restricted and that there is something to be said for preserving France’s traditional identity as a nation (and not just any nation, but one of the greatest in the history of the world, in my opinion, and pray God these former sleepwalkers join the battle with vigor now, and help forces like Le Pen to finally prevail there!).


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