Human rights march on

Rounding out the conception of “human rights” in a part of the world in which you can be criminally prosecuted for racism if you call Islam “the stupidest religion,” U.K prisoners have won their claim that hardcore porn is a human right. It’s all part of their right to “receive information,” you see. So if it’s a matter of the fundamental nature of the world and social life, it violates human rights to let you comment on it, but if it’s a revolting private dissipation demanded by a serial murderer, it’s his human right to have it. Isn’t it obvious that “human rights” are another name for the interest of the bureaucratic managerial state in suppressing opposition and making itself necessary?

2 thoughts on “Human rights march on”

  1. What’s being described is
    What’s being described is the abolition of freedom in the public sphere, combined with the expansion of freedom to infinity in the private sphere (a private sphere, however, that is administered by the state).

  2. So now a homosexual serial
    So now a homosexual serial killer of young men is entitled to hard core gay porn in his jail cell. There goes “rehabilitation” as a goal of incarceration.


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