The “new immigration” and “family values”

Conservative optimists who claim that the arrival of millions of Latin Americans and orientals isn’t all bad, because after all they bring their family values with them, should consider the case of California, a state in which the “new immigration” has recently made whites a minority. Somehow, the arrival of the Third World hasn’t done away with Western corruptions: California State Legislation Protects Abortion Rights, and California 2nd Graders Taught to Accept Homosexuality, Cross-Dressing.

The problem, of course, is that a radically multiethnic and polyglot society can’t easily rule itself. In politics its constituent groups are less concerned with vindicating their particular moral outlook, which seems out of reach in any event, than with what is on offer and seems practically obtainable: material benefits and guarantees of equality. Further, the Third World brings with it not only family values but the habit of abstaining from public life. The consequence is that liberal elites are free to rule as they choose and you end up with a public order that looks rather like that contemplated by the South African constitution.

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  1. Mass immigration, especially
    Mass immigration, especially without cultural and linguistic assimilation, may be the greatest evil besetting America today. Combined with official multiculturalism, diversity-mongering and “affirmative action” for non-whites – which the overwhelming majority of post-1965 immigrants are – it amounts to the systematic dispossession of white Americans, especially the colonial-stock Americans whose ancestors settled this country and founded the United States. It is made worse by the complicity in it of Americans such as that descendant of colonial Yankees GW Bush – no true Texan he!

    Mr. Kalb mentions some of the specific resulting evils, but there are others. As Steve Sailer has reported, to the extent the indigent Mexicans and Central Americans now repopulating Southern California and other parts of our ever-less-United States assimilate to anything American, they adopt the mores and habits of our ghetto underclass, which can only reinforce in them such hostility as they already have to America. The result is a poisonous combination of political irresponsibility, growing criminality and gang-banging, and moral rot exemplified by high rates of illegitimacy and abortion. The Bush/Rove fantasy of “socially conservative Catholic ‘Latinos'” is just that.

    That the social pathologies they display owe something to the American cultural toxins they ingest once here does not mean we have to accept their presence. Others have also reported that Southeast Asians are travelling the same path, which should surprise no-one aware of Cantonese gang activity here and elsewhere. The only hope of retaining anything of the United States our ancestors founded is the ending – before it becomes demographically, hence politically impossible – of mass immigration. That requires, among other things, mass deportations of illegals and a cut-off of grants of citizenship to legally resident aliens for at least a decade. The centerpiece of a nationalist immigration policy would be providing immigrants incentives to emigrate, to repatriate themselves. As for illegal aliens, we must offer them no choice. While we’re at it, we need to imprison a few thousand of their employers. Once we deport alien felons, we’ll have plenty of room in the Big House. HRS


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