3 thoughts on “White for black”

  1. Far more significant than
    Far more significant than the fact that a white Englishwoman is taking over the land of the “racist” white farmers is the fact that her black Zimbabwean husband is not a landless farmer “getting back” the land supposedly stolen from his ancestors (which of course is the whole supposed purpose of the land seizures), but a well-to-do, property-owning official of the Zimbabwe government.

  2. This woman is almost the
    This woman is almost the perfect stereotype of the self-hating white female. What is it in Western societies that spawns these unfortunate creatures? Nothing like it exists in any other society that I’m aware of.

  3. That many of the stolen
    That many of the stolen white farms have gone to Zim officials shouldn’t be surpring at all. African countries are corrupt. And Mugabe is among the worst of them. I do think the white woman’s identification with blacks is the most curious thing about this story. But it’s just another example of the phenomenon we’ve all seen: whites trying to be “cool” and “hip” by acting black. Whites also tend to see blacks as more virtuous, so taking on a black identity is a way to become holy. V.S Naipaul in his novels (e.g., Guerrillas) has described these white liberal vermin perfectly.


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