The continuing triumph of immigration

I suppose as a good citizen I should consider it a triumph that A Record 1 Million Gained U.S. Residency Last Year. Life in America is basically a party, and the more show up the merrier. Also, all those families got reunited, and if those who come leave other relatives behind, well, maybe something can be worked out about them too. And amidst all the festivities and love there are practical benefits. As the Dow Jones Newswires tell us, Immigrants Keep U.S. Economy Supple. Which is to say (as the article notes) they keep wages down and provide employers with the eager and uncritical workers they’re looking for. Instead of exporting operations to Bangla Desh it’s ever so much easier—not to mention more progressive—to import Bangla Desh here. Is there any wonder no one thinks immigration is an issue?

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