3 thoughts on “Pre-emptive antisecessionism in Europe”

  1. Too often we cast the issue
    Too often we cast the issue of Great Britain’s coming dissolution in the Euroblob as a struggle between virtuous Britons struggling to preserve their ancient liberties and scheming Continentals who want to destroy those liberties and subject the British to a new Code Napoleon. This story is a useful reminder that the worst enemies of British liberty are British quislings, like the British euro-MP who appears to be the chief draftsman of this anti-secession language. HRS

  2. So much for the idea that
    So much for the idea that liberalism entails a contract theory of the state and the right of free association.

    It’s fascinating to see how, while attempting to balance individual desires through a program of equity, liberalism ends up subverting the very individualism which was its starting point.

  3. Yes, it’s interesting isn’t
    Yes, it’s interesting isn’t it? Liberalism sets everyone free, but if freedom weren’t compulsory then some would be free to oppress others. The liberal concept of freedom must therefore be made compulsory. As a result, the more the concept of freedom develops the more things become compulsory until in the end everything that touches on our relations to other people becomes rigidly subject to rules laid down by the few who have the training and expertise to know what liberal freedom requires.


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