Sustainable development etc.

Steven Yates at has put together a long and rather rambling (but info-packed) account of the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development and the movement for “global governance” generally. If you’ve felt you should know something about it but haven’t wanted to try to dig into the swamp it’s well worth a look.

Like the international human rights movement, the “sustainable development” movement seems best understood as the self-organization of international elites—politicians, bureaucrats, experts, businessmen, media people, NGOs—who voluntarily work together to establish arrangements that put their power beyond the reach of effective question by making themselves answerable only to each other. Such movements have comprehensive consequences for all social life. Nonetheless, they have been propagated and accepted without general public discussion and with the aid of well-meaning local supporters to whom globalism more or less takes the place of a religion. As in the case of human rights, it is very difficult to find critical materials (I may have the only site on the web systematically critical of “human rights”), so congrats to Dr. Yates and may he continue the effort!

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