More on feminism and prostitution

Another example of the battle between pro-prostitution and antiprostitution feminists, this one in France. (You can tell it’s French when someone says something like “Prostitution is the paroxysm of a woman’s non-power over herself.”)

It really seems that the anti-prostitution forces need an expanded moral vocabulary, one that goes beyond concepts of power and powerlessness, to make their case. Perhaps it could even touch on the natural role and function of sex in human life. I wonder where such a sophisticated vocabulary could be found? Surely there must be an expert who can help …

2 thoughts on “More on feminism and prostitution”

  1. Since they deny the
    Since they deny the existence of any objective moral standards, and reduce morality to personal choice or “ethics”, the Left is inevitably driven to view all human relationships as instances of the will to power.

    When all choices are theoretically acceptable, the only thing preventing the free expression of self is someone else’s repressive domination.

  2. Agreed. It seems to me a lot
    Agreed. It seems to me a lot of the oddity of feminism is due to the fact that women have a hard time believing or even understanding the liberal metaphysics—it’s too much at odds with concrete experienced human life—and so they apply it or half-apply it in bizarre ways.


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