Local lynching

Wonders of diversity, chapter umpteen: Bangladeshi man beaten to death by mob of Dominican bike thieves for calling 911. It happened right here in Brooklyn, although East New York is a long way away. Query: if a nonwhite mob kills a nonwhite and race is evidently an issue, is it a lynching? Or is this just another hate crime against Muslims? (It’s hard to know how to react when you aren’t sure what to call it.)

4 thoughts on “Local lynching”

  1. Ahh, the joys of
    Ahh, the joys of multiculturalism. The sweet fruits of mass third world immigration. I say let the savages fight it out to the end, but I suppose that would be uncharitable of me.

    I wonder how the power elites are going to explain this one away?

  2. Why should they have to
    Why should they have to explain anything away? If the mainstream press doesn’t recognize something as an issue then it’s not an issue.

  3. The official explanation
    The official explanation I’ve seen has nothing to do with race. Rather, they’re telling us, this is merely a classic case of someone being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. If the perpetrators in this murder had been white, this would be trumpeted as a “hate crime”.

  4. Because, to finish the
    Because, to finish the thought, the definition of a “hate crime” is a crime committed by a white man who is not a liberal.


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