Keystone Kops redux

One year to the day after the attacks the Justice Department gets on the case, fingerprinting and photographing high-risk visitors. The security system will target nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria. Makes sense—fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis, so it would be grossly simple-minded to check them out. And Shiite non-Arab Iran hasn’t been involved in Wahhabi or Palestinian terrorism, so going after them makes sense to avoid being blindsided. We should go after the Canadians for the same reason. Good work!

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  1. Many of these terrorists had
    Many of these terrorists had headquarters in Spain and Germany and their comrades could easily slip in through Canada or Mexico. If they wanted to be PC and effective perhaps tighter control of the borders and who gets the visas from any country of origin would be in order.

    But that’d hurt business, of course.

  2. A critic of the new policy,
    A critic of the new policy, Carl Baron of the University of Texas, is quoted saying: “You’re going to see fewer Middle Easterners willing to come to the United States and I wonder whether that isn’t the real agenda.” Baron’s premise, which is the premise of liberalism, is that it is simply wrong to want to have fewer visitors or immigrants from some countries than from others. This leaves unanswered the question: Why, apart from a handful of business, cultural, or diplomatic contacts, should we want ANY visitors or immigrants from Muslim countries? Our liberal immigration policy provides no answer to that substantive question, of who should come here and why. Rather, it avoids all such substantive questions by making non-discrimination toward everyone an absolute.


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