Diversity at Motorola and Ford

We’ve commented how the combination of management by concept and the diversity imperative has given rise to mandatory sexual revisionism for those who want to work for large companies. Since the cases we commented on were British, it might be worth mentioning one from America: Motorola “homophobia” workshops, other activism creating tension in workplace.

The Motorola article points that while all have to bow down to the current idol of the marketplace if they want get ahead, white men have special problems simply because of who they are. Inclusiveness doesn’t really include everyone.

And it’s not just Motorola that is becoming explicitly anti-white and anti-male, especially in the case of older workers in middle management and others in vulnerable positions. As the Detroit News points out quite calmly, aggressive recruiting of minorities and women is sweeping away the old guard at Ford. To understand the significance of the latter article, bear in mind that Ford is only 49th on the Fortune Best Companies for Minorities list. Others are even better.

One would expect this brand of business-by-concept to crash like the “new economy,” dot coms, and other froth that appears during the final stages of a boom that has gone on too long. To some extent diversity extremists are protected by the legal pressures that force all large institutions to declare “diversity” one of their fundamental goals. Nonetheless, it’s hard to deny reality altogether. As even Fortune observes, “The firms on [the] Best Companies for Minorities list aren’t immune to problems currently plaguing corporate America. But despite adversity, these companies have not abandoned their commitment to hiring, promoting, and retaining talented employees of all races.” So these progressive firms aren’t doing so well. Despite [!] that, Fortune says, they want the most talented people. The “despite” of course constitutes proof, if it were needed, that Fortune knows, at least on some level, that the puffery about the business benefits of “diversity” is nonsense.

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