The Homintern strikes again!

Diversity and tolerance just keep rolling, at least in the sense that everything has to be the same everywhere: Peru Celebrates First Gay Pride Event and Malta’s Green Party Puts Gay Rights On The Agenda. There seems to be nothing local about current trends, which to my mind should put to rest (in the minds of those so troubled) the notion that it’s all a Jewish plot or that importing Peruvians and Maltese would strengthen family values in America.

3 thoughts on “The Homintern strikes again!”

  1. A South American country
    A South American country celebrating gay pride supports Mr. Kalb’s thesis that liberalism transcends multiculturalism; in other words, that the ultimate tendency of liberalism is to dissolve all cultures, not just (as in the case of multiculturalism), the white, Western culture.

  2. Latin America isn’t exempt
    Latin America isn’t exempt from anything, and their conservative Catholic family values aren’t locked in place. Remember the Chilean performance artist:

    On a perhaps less frivolous level, the Latin American countries have joined the EU and Canada at the UN in seeking to establish that children possess a “right to reproductive health services” (i.e., inter alia, abortion). See:

  3. Exactly, Liberalism is like
    Exactly, Liberalism is like the Plague. It crosses political and cultural boundaries and kills (in this case, tradition).


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