Jail time for the “n” word

There’s something very odd about treating this as “course of conduct or repeatedly committed act which alarms or seriously annoys another person”: Man Sentenced To Jail For Racial Slur. It was a one-time event, and the black woman involved didn’t even hear the offending “n” word. Nor did anyone seem to think the event represented a serious social problem in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The initial reaction of the woman who heard it was disbelief, and the local NAACP head, who commended the sentence—30 days in the slammer—said the problem in the community was the racism that he said “exists so much in a subtle manner.”

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  1. I found the last comment
    I found the last comment about the YWCA being dedicated to fighting racism and sexism interesting, as in Australia the YWCA seems to be an almost orthodox feminist organisation.

    In its public focus it really does seem to be more intent on pursuing liberal political causes than anything to do with religion or Christianity.

    I don’t think I’ve gotten used to the idea of a female Christian organisation which does not even pay lip service to upholding family life, but openly endorses the independent modern career girl ethos.

  2. From their website:

    From their website:

    “The mission of the YWCA is to empower women and girls and to eliminate racism.”

    I think they emphasize the latter more. In 1970 they adopted a statement they still publicize that their “One Imperative” is “the elimination of racism wherever it exists and by any means necessary.”

    There’s a YWCA a few blocks from where I live with a swimming pool I’ve used occasionally so I’ve read their literature. The main impression I get from it is that they’re not very smart and aren’t very happy about life.

    I suppose part of what they are has to do with their history as an organization providing services—residence halls and so on—for young women living alone in urban areas. The women who stuck with the organization and moved into leadership were mostly the ones who kept on living alone in urban areas all their lives.

  3. There is no other
    There is no other explanation: the elite whites who actually run the country and the entire Western world are cowards who have sold out middle and lower class whites to buy peace for the duration of their own lives from the big, bad, black men who scare them to death.

    But we knew that.

    The phenomenon is global and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Non-whites are perfectly frank in their hatred of whites, and are very up front about their contempt for us.

    White media intentionally put on a show of cravenness in the face of such things. They broadcast multitudes of images of big, bad, dangerous blacks scaring the hell out of terrified and apologetic whites (Don’t hit me! It’s my fault, I know! What did I do?) in order to create fear and despair among whites, and to encourage “black rage.” They always rush to dramatize white on black hate crimes, and ignore or justify those in the other direction. They portray themselves as both cowards and race traitors.

    In the same way, they used to make fear-propaganda for the Communists. Example: They spent the whole Cuban missile crisis telling us all how terrified we should be. When Kennedy gave up the missiles in Turkey, and threw in Cuba forever to boot , Kruschev, smiling from ear to ear, went home. Then the Communists, and our own media, spent ever after telling us how big, brave Jack had made the other fellow blink!


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