EU parliament demands acceptance of abortion right

Human rights just keep rolling: EU Parliament Votes To Establish Europe-Wide Right to Abortion . The resolution is non-binding, but nonetheless indicative. One interesting point is that it relies on The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) for the legal framework justifying assertion of the right. According to the only reference to the vote I could find in the major media or wire services, “Politicians in Poland have reacted angrily to” (i.e., the Polish parliament’s European affairs committee has rejected) the measure. So Europe is not yet quite dead, at least outside the EU heartland.

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  1. According to George Weigel’s
    According to George Weigel’s biography of Pope John Paul II, the Poles have not historically regarded themselves as being on Europe’s fringes, but at its center.

  2. I was reading something
    I was reading something about this in the irish media, it stated that EU policy on abortion would be ‘hands-off’, meaning of course that it wont request any country to pass laws in regard these ‘womens right’s’. Also to be noted is that the EU I think knows that the majority of people in europe dont like being dictated from Brussels and become resentful to it when they are talked down too by this ‘higher authority’. Such moves to impliment such a europe wide abortion policy would be against the spin of the ‘equal partner’ relationship in europe. The forthcoming Nice treaty apparantly erodes many vetoes for each member state reducing this equal status approach. Moves to introduce abortion EU-wide would backfire I reckon and i think the big-wigs in the EU know this.


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