True multiculturalism at the UN

True multiculturalism—and true human rights, in accordance with original understandings—would involve finding point in common that a variety of cultures could affirm in all integrity. Here’s a splendid example: Islamic Bloc, Christian Right Team Up to Lobby U.N. Oddly, the Washington Post reporter doesn’t seem to approve, but describes the situation using the rhetoric of those whose idea of multiculturalism and human rights is the abolition of all culture in the interests of a universal post-human bureaucratic order.

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  1. Re your description of
    Re your description of “those whose idea of human rights is the abolition of all culture in the interests of a post-human bureaucratic order.”

    Here in Victoria, Australia, there has been an attempt over the last decade to apply this “bureaucratic order” to the rights of prostitutes.

    The first step was to create legal brothels, supposedly to abolish the dangers of “street walking” for “sex workers.”

    This led to an explosion in the number of legal brothels but increased rather than decreased the number of street walkers.

    The new bureaucratic solution for this? The Government intends to set up what they call “street worker centres” (brothels) where “customers” (johns) who have picked up street walkers would pay a small “levy” for a room ($10).

    Who would pay the bulk of the money for this? Taxpayers! In other words, in the effort to create a bureaucratic control the government is willing not only to legalise prostitution but to fund it!

    If you’re interested you can check out the story at:,5478,4543771%255E661,00.html


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