More blessings of diversity

Openness, tolerance and diversity in education: the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has charged a student publication with “disruption” for using photographs of a meeting of a student group, the Movimiento Estudiantil de Chicanos de Aztlan (MEChA). UCSD policy on student publications is rather changeable, it seems. In 1995 they had unequivocally defended MEChA’s right to publish an editorial on the death of a Latino INS agent that termed the dead agent a “traitor…to his race,” stated, “We’re glad this pig died, he deserved to die,” and argued, “All the Migra pigs should be killed, every single one…The time to fight back is now. It is time to organize an anti-Migra patrol.”

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  1. This is par for the course
    This is par for the course at modern universities. At Rice, where I’m currently a senior, our student newspaper apologized for printing a ‘Doonesbury’ cartoon because some Muslim students complained about it. Still, they saw fit to print letters to to the editor from angry Arab-American students comparing the Israelis to Nazis.

    The double-standard is more obvious in the case of MEChA at USCD, although the same principle seems to apply.


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