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I’d prefer other topics too, but mainstreaming homosexuality seems to be what’s happening: children’s book features gay boy. The book has a 10-year-old protagonist, and “[w]hile it contains some sex, it is not graphic and is not a dominant theme.” Like I said, mainstreaming—it’s no big deal. In theory a sequel could include a priest, but that would confuse the issue; for some reason otherwise innocent activities become very bad when priests are involved. Simon and Schuster, the publisher, expects British schools and libraries to stock it.

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  1. Jesus, they are making a
    Jesus, they are making a child’s book with sex in it at all? 10 years old? Isn’t that about 4th grade? Some sex education is taught at that grade level in the US but even then parents are notified beforehand.

  2. The mainstreaming of
    The mainstreaming of homosexuality is happening here in Australia also. This month a “gay soapie” is premiering on free to air television. The promotional ads featured a “romantic” scene between an older man and a much younger, seemingly teenage boy.


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