Feminism as usual

In spite of Scientific American’s confirmation of the obvious, that men and women are quite different, the presumption remains that the government should manange the differences out of existence. Witness these stories: “French Politics Finds Little Room for Women” (some male incumbants won’t stand down to make room for women) and Earnings of British women still lag by 18%.

Is it possible to ignore the irrationality of feminist policies? Claims go unchallenged that pushing women into the workforce means they can choose whether to stay home, and that any difference whatever in salaries or line of work constitutes a problem that must be dealt with. Obvious questions never get asked. Any suggestion that the sexes differ and the differences have consequences is simply part of the problem and proof that more re-education is needed.

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  1. I was interested to read in
    I was interested to read in the article on female earnings that the percentage of female clerks has risen from 60% to 79%.

    Although I don’t subscribe to his philosophy, I think Nietzsche should get some credit for predicting as early as 1886 in “Beyond Good and Evil” that “‘women as clerk’ stands inscribed on the portal of the modern society now taking shape.” (239)


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