EU expansion redux

The theory that EU expansion is the solution to popular concern in Europe about job security and crime isn’t Jack Straw’s personal fantasy. Others share it too. Possible bases for the theory include:

  1. Eurocrats run everything perfectly, so to solve the problems that lead to migration just expand the EU indefinitely.
  2. If the the EU gets a little bigger and more diverse the notion that the people should have any say in things will become ridiculous so political dissenters will give up.

Maybe the choice between the two theories should be the subject of a future poll …

3 thoughts on “EU expansion redux”

  1. The idea of expanding the EU
    The idea of expanding the EU so as to crush anti-EU dissent seems analogous to the calls to increase Third-World immigration so as to eliminate the possibility of any white backlash. A couple of years ago, the open-borders activist Ron Unz wrote an article in Commentary in which the only danger he professed to see from mass Third-World immigration was an ethnic uprising—not by any immigrant group, mind you, but by white Americans. The faster the demographic shift is accomplished, the quicker white numbers and power will decline making any resistance by whites that much more difficult.

  2. Hopefully Ireland will
    Hopefully Ireland will reject the nice treaty in the coming referendum. Apparently we were mis-informed and didnt understand the issue last time. So this time I pray it’ll be rejected again, amd keep being rejected until there is some sort of proper immigration policy announced.
    There is a limit of the expansion of the EU i believe though, there is no way a country like Turkey should have an open border in the EU until its GDP per capita becomes comparable with northern europe. Thereby removing incentives for mass immigration. Another factor within the expanded europe will be a common policy to discourage inter-migration between countries in the EU, basically in mind of land-grabbing by property developers in one country having an influence on the government of another. I’m sure theres plenty of greedy north europeans who want a holiday home on the croatian coast or Turks who would love to move to zero homelessness scandanavia.

  3. It’s not just an economic
    It’s not just an economic matter. If Turkey with its population of more than 60 million became part of the EU it would liberate EU governing classes by definitively breaking the special relationship of the EU to any historical civilization. They would truly become their own sole standard. The expansion to the East would already go very far in that direction since Western Christendom is not at all the same as Eastern Orthodoxy.


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