AI goes capitalist

The pieces come progressively together: Amnesty International is buying stock to bring shareholders’ resolutions to pressure multinationals to adopt comprehensive policies on human rights that include explicit commitments to “support and uphold the principles and values contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”—whatever that means. Get a few big foundations and public pension funds on board—which they are doing—and the resolutions will pack a solid punch, in addition to their public relations effect.

Corporate support for human rights sounds nice. The problem is that “human rights” is now a synonym for a global left-liberal agenda. Since big multinational corporations will keep on trying to make money no matter what they sign on to, their biggest contribution will most likely be promoting cultural radicalism in the countries in which they do business. It costs them nothing and buys good will from people who can cause trouble, so why not? So look to international capitalism to become a conscious engine of global feminism, gay rights and so on.

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