Pim Fortuyn murdered

In Holland one of the targets of a sustained international hate campaign has been murdered.

It doesn’t take much to become a target in Europe these days. Pim Fortuyn, a Dutch sociology professor, fashion plate and former Marxist, who wanted to maintain public acceptance in Holland of his own flagrant homosexuality, was a “far-right leader” according to the BBC and everyone else. It seems he noticed that Muslims don’t think well of homosexuality, thought that was a problem, and said so.

One oddity of the coverage—it refers occasionally to his “anti-immigration” views. I thought the term was “anti-immigrant.” Any English professors out there who can enlighten us?

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  1. The left which has brought
    The left which has brought this century Marxism, Communism, Stalinism, Maoism and National Socialism, murders another that disagrees with its rules, edicts, regulations, forms, permits, councils, reports and all the rest of its sick liturgy from its do-nothing parasitic political classes.


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