More on the Dutch tolerance Nazis

The Dutch tolerance Nazis strike again. And again. And again.

A friend refers me to this compilation of non-discrimination legislation in the Netherlands. As the law is written, it appears that you can get jugged for six months for sending someone almost any serious work on man, God or the world as a birthday present because you think it’s a great book. (The present was unsolicited, you didn’t send it simply to give factual information, and it’s likely to contain statements “offensive to a group of persons on the grounds of their race, religion, or personal beliefs, or their hetero- or homosexual orientation.”)

Also note that “discrimination” includes any form of distinction that may lead to the result that the exercise on an equal basis of human rights and fundamental freedoms in any area of social life is harmed. It’s hard to think of any form of different treatment that wouldn’t constitute discrimination under this standard. So if you say publicly that men and women, boys and girls, heterosexuality and homosexuality, should be differently treated in any way at all then you’re apparently inciting discrimination and can get jailed for a year.

This is totalitarian. How come no-one says so?

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