London Times on Fortuyn

The British press never ceases to disgust. Here’s the Times on the Fortuyn assassination, “Deadly Ideas: Fortuyn’s killing robs European politics of its innocence”[!]

I especially liked their comment that the killing

will link the violence that has hovered on the fringes of right-wing politics with the ugliness of racial conflict and the emotive theme of immigration.

So the murder was all about the violence of “far-right” types like Fortuyn. The “deadly ideas” were his, none other are mentioned, so that the murder was actually a suicide.

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  1. It seems Pim Fortuyn’s
    It seems Pim Fortuyn’s assassin is a Green Party activist who, months earlier, was identified as a potential threat by Dutch authorities. He was appearently irrate that Mr. Fortuyn had belittled pet leftist causes on the radio. I’ve heard second and third hand that European authorities commonly look the other way when leftists become a public meanace. The whole European juctice system is an absurdity. Maybe they’re too busy trying to shut down “racist” web boards as Mr. Kalb pointed out earlier.


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