An email I sent to

An email I sent to Carrier Air-Conditioning Corporation:


I understand that Carrier Air-Conditioning Corporation has stopped funding the Boy Scouts because of BSA policy on homosexual leaders.

I consider that a very serious mistake, and in fact a gross violation of the respect for diversity that is no doubt intended. If “diversity” doesn’t include acceptance of people who believe that youth leaders should be held to a moral standard, and that homosexual conduct is morally wrong, what can it amount to?

Moral opposition to homosexual conduct is widespread and deeply rooted worldwide. It has been shared by eminent philosophers and religious thinkers, and by many intelligent, well-informed and thoughtful people today. “Diversity” that excludes such people is no diversity at all, it’s dictatorship.

In addition, the current scandals in the Catholic Church, which mostly have to do with homosexual priests who prey on teenage boys, emphasize the need to put safety first in situations in which vulnerable youth are entrusted to adults. The Boy Scouts does so, even though it has found there is a price. They deserve support.

In view of these considerations, I hope that you will reconsider your decision.


James Kalb

What triggered the email was a notification I received from some people called “” who are organizing support for the Boy Scouts. They have a petition I would urge anyone to sign. When you go to the page you can sign other petitions and get put on various lists if you want.

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