Being unable to respond to the above topic digitably by Mr. Kalb is par for the digital course. So I am forced to create a “new topic,” not.

Mr. Kalb has laid out, as a professor does, his theories in clear detail. You just are not going to get this kind of down-to-earth intellectualism anywhere on the Net (except at View From the Right,, unless you are reviewing a mathematics site. The theories deserve careful study and questioning. Notice how he gets no coherent arguments opposing his ideas. “They” know of Mr. Kalb and have no desire to dare oppose him.

Celebrate that Mr. Kalb’s site has become extremely active. We have been gifted. Let us write about factual examples to apply to Mr. Kalb’s ideas. This will make his ideas even more concrete.

People want beliefs that are supported by concrete ideas. For example, the movie 300 is about the self-sacrifice of 300 Spartans to support the other Greek city-states. (I have not seen it.) They were ordered by their king to die, and they were devoted to their duty to die fighting.

But be sure, if you have a question, e-mail Mr. Kalb.