War Plans for Iran

Dear Mr. Kalb,

Toppling. What a polite, modern British word. No, my plans include the nuclear annihilation of Iran. Medieval European and Asian and Moslem countries engaged in this behavior for many centuries.

We are not engaged in toppling but in a desperate life or death fight, assuming one has a religion and ideals. If one does not have these things, then turn them over to their enemies, from whom they can beg for mercy. We here prefer to fight.

Of course, we must pre-prepare for China, which is the greatest threat to American that we have ever faced. Why are we not super-chummy with Russia? Our nuclear submarines must be obviously visible off the Chinese coast should we dare to attack Iran. Although I hate to be boring, I must insist we need to evacuate our cities. This will render the moronic Chinese impotent more than an anti-missile defense, which is desperately needed.

All the Best,