Rolling Back Women’s Rights

“Americans, and American women in particular, are officially on notice that post-election, the Republican war on reproductive rights has entered an ominous new phase”

How is this so?, exactly.

Are not Americans; the Doctors and pharmacists?
Is this not a “war”, that could be won, without “ANY” discrimination?

By forcing my will on anyone; is that fair?

If one Doctor, or Pharmacist; will not provide “The-pill”, education “about the-pill”; an “abortion”, or education “about abortion”. You can always walk around the block, maybe two blocks, to be sure and you’ll surely find one who will.

Seems to me that the “war”, is more about “all” personal choice.
If i don’t want to educate people how about abortion, why should my concerns be any less valid than any other concern.
Doctors and Pharmacists exist to provide “healing”.