Ever more tolerance

The state of California recently held back millions of dollars from a local school district because three board members voted against the state’s demand they adopt a policy designed to protect public display of sexual disorder in the district’s elementary and middle schools.

The logic that’s usually applied to such situations today goes as follows:

  1. Students have a right to a safe environment.
  2. That means they shouldn’t be bullied.
  3. Students get bullied who are different in a way that strikes most people as repellent.
  4. Most people who haven’t yet been re-educated find sexual disorders repellent.
  5. Therefore, to vindicate the right of all our children to safe schools, it is a fundamental goal of any tolerable system of education to eradicate among children any sense that any configuration of sexual behavior and feeling is better or worse than any other configuration, so long as the conduct remains consensual as to immediate participants.

Somehow I think the line of thought leaves out some complications involving the role of sex in human life. Judging by a quick Google search I’m in the minority though—even on the Internet, which is supposed to be the domain of crazed right-wingers. Read some of the commentary. Isn’t it nice to see so many people who are opposed to mindlessness and hatred?