It’s all one struggle!

These, I think, are all the same story:

The story, of course, is reduction of all aspects of human existence to a single rationalized system wholly ordered by economic and administrative factors. In that system everything—sex, family life, death, whatever—is interchangeable with everything else. All taboos must go, except the taboo on “discrimination,” the crime of making distinctions unnecessary to the operation of the system.

The process is considered “liberation,” and those who oppose it are considered ignorant and uncultured bigots. It’s worth thinking about the grounds for those judgments. In contemporary terms, “liberation” simply means the abolition of every authority, such as the authority of family or custom, that is not the authority of money and bureaucracy. If something makes people with money and bureaucratic position better able to do what they want without interference, it’s “liberating.” And knowledge and culture, to the extent they have public authority, have become commercialized and bureaucratized and so become identical with the outlook of expert functionaries. The good, beautiful and true have thus become the same as expertise, and the system that makes functionaries and their claims of expertise all-powerful has become by definition the best and wisest system imaginable.

Isn’t utopia wonderful?