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Re-organizing Templarism

Is anyone interested in reorganizing the Knights Templar (or a similar order) on a strictly Catholic Traditionalist basis? What else could counteract the general process of abysmal civilizational decline and cleanse the age of its excess filth? The Atlanteans of Plato lost their divine nature through repeated crossing with corrupt humanity and worship of the lightless flesh. The modern Western world is thus in the “Atlantean” phase of decadence, insofar as a once integral civilization is now consumed in demonolatrous flesh-worship and nihilistic pornocracy. The historical Templars probably succumbed to jewish banking and jewish-arabian pseudomysticism, but the theoretical ideal is still valid, especially for our lawless age: the creative synthesis of the monk and the warrior. Following Augustine, it is understood martial deeds springing from the right motives are not inherently sinful but even praiseworthy. Emphasis would be laid on Cistercian Eucharistic Grail mysticism—“Only the pure of character can attain the Grail”. Galahad should become again the Western male role-model and archetype.

The West needs a unifying historical sacred tradition or else all shall collapse. Petty chauvinistic nationalisms are part of the problem. The Middle Ages knew a supra-national, pan-European, pan-Christian brotherhood of knightly defenders of a virtual Christianum Imperium. Pan-European, pan-Christian warriorly duty, faithfulness and loyalty toward one’s land and nation, and the chivalrous ethos have been destroyed by the rise of the individualistic Judaeo-Masonic bourgeosie and the animalistic masses. The ideal must be the fatherland, not one’s physical localization.

Earthly focus would be on militant defense on all fronts, spiritual, ideological, physical, military-tactical, of the West against internal parasitic chandala Judeo-Masonry, our own self-generated plebeian neo-Dionysianism, and self-declared anti-Western, anti-Christian militants. This renewed Templar order would consist of selfless poverty-bound anti-individualistic ascetics of the highest vision and traditional Catholic morals and would be interested in above- and underground activity. A hierarchical degree system would allow marriage in the case of certain less purely initiatic members in order to consolidate hereditary continuity in addition to spiritual. This order would also incorporate a healthy anti-materialistic understanding of racial and eugenic issues as they apply to Western civilization. Demagogic racial marxism/white nationalism would be specifically rejected, as most white Westerners are downbred, honorless, worthless idiots nowadays, fallen greatly from their former status, almost as bad as the slavish Jews. We would uphold the balanced eugenics advocated by the Catholic Church: “But the Church, too, has a doctrine concerning marriage and its use, and also a doctrine and a method of dealing with racial defects. The Church therefore has no fault to find with race culture as such. Rather does she encourage it. But she wishes it carried out on right lines.”

The goal would be to encourage healthy upward breeding for all peoples in their own homelands, and recognizing unstructured racial amalgamation and leftist ethnomasochism as destructive to all peoples and civilizations.

Our order would also reverence the ideal patriarchal spiritual caste system wherein the most ethically and intellectually sensitive and wise hold the highest legislative positions over the more matter-arrested inferior castes. The broad masses correspond to the subrational vitalism and inertia of the body, the aristocracy corresponds to the self-conscious will which coordinates ordered actions, and the priestly-knower caste corresponds to the centralizing activity of the developed nervous system dominating over the lower physiological functions. As the mind and will dominate over the flesh in the rationally ordered person, so it must be analogously in society. Our order would aim to correct the usurpations and idolatries of the mindless proletariat and self-deifying Bourgeoisie in modern society by a structural reassertion of the values of heroic apostolic guardianship (aristocracy) and spiritual overlordship (sacerdotium).

Where there is a will, there is a way. I am a young college student with the ‘right grades’, etc., ad nauseam, but I recognize the worthlessness of practically all present institutions, especially in neo-Babelist America. Presentday institutions are based not on the slightest sense of fatherly noblesse oblige toward the common good, but on pure materialism and self-glorifying humanism bereft of divine knowledge and love. I have no interest in striving for false goals or enslaving myself to false structures. I have my whole life ahead of me, I don’t plan to waste it serving as the head of some meaningless, parasitical corporation (capitalism merely prepares the way for global marxism) or being a professor at a pro-sodomitical university (where have the satanists not penetrated?). There’s no worthiness in that. All structures are sick, dysfunctional and ill-motivated nowadays. In today’s world, intelligent, moral, good-intentioned people are aggressively beset upon indirectly and directly by the bestial, Christ-less, characterless, promiscuous, globalized herd—perhaps it’s time to reverse this process and resurrect the “heavenly chivalry” of the Cistercian Grail mystics and rear a new race of Galahads?

I am all too aware most modern Christians and Catholics are compromising weaklings, ego-driven materialists, and gutless, heretical cowards totally enmeshed in the undemanding nihilism of our times without the courage to stand up and defend the remnants of Christendom/Western culture. Jesus said the greatest thing one could do was lay one’s life down for one’s friends! Modern Christians and Catholics are disgusting, empty-hearted slaves for the most part. Are any Christians left in the modern West with unbroken instincts of noble self-sacrifice for the betterment of the whole? I have been on supposedly Traditionalist forums where the concept of actually defending the Indo-European Christian West from suffering internal and external destruction is considered “racist” and taboo. Pathetic zombies and cowards! That is the extent to which the satanic nominalists, marxists and nihilists have ideologically conquered. Cowards, cowards, cowards! Are there any non-effeminated elements within Catholicism that would be supportive of an enterprise such as I describe?


The Knights had the advantage of riding the wave of the prevailing civlization, which was Christendom. That’s also why they could be trans-national, much as modern liberalism can be trans-national.

We don’t have that advantage.

If political action were the goal, I would recommend the Hitler methodology, which, while it utilized gangsterism, did not overtly use force to overthrow the existing order. Rather, the Nazis established a “Parallel state.” Hamas used this technique in Palestine, and communists have used it also. Labor unions used to do this sort of thing decades ago, before they were co-opted.

The “parallel state” expressly proclaims the existing political order as illegitimate, but does not directly confront it. Rather, it organizes a competing bureaucracy, mirroring that of the state, and taking over its functions—separate courts, police and security, welfare system, broadcasting and propaganda, credit unions, insurance, publications, record-keeping, regulations, etc., while obeying the laws of the existing state as necessary. If anyone be elected to the legislature—and candidates would be offered for every position—that position is used to oppose and confront, never cooperate. The Minutemen are a limited example of this kind of direct action. The Christian church operated such a system for centuries, until Henry VIII abolished it.

This is also the way in which many Muslims are attempting to impose Shari’a: by creating a parallel state that runs under the laws of Shari’a, regardless of what laws currently exist in the actual state.

I can not say that I agree with everything you are saying, but something should be surely done to stop the contemporary tide of darkness or perhaps to find a way for some to survive it with their sanity undamaged. Mail me if you want to talk about it: