You are here deletes right wing reviews!

Does anyone else ever post reviews for some of the new books available on One thing I’ve noticed is that they delete right wing reviews. I recently posted a review for the new book by Paul Gottfried THE STRANGE DEATH OF MARXISM, and within a week it was deleted from their system. is definitely a plaything for the left. Anyone else have similar experiences with them?



But I wouldnt be suprised if they did delete traditionalist reviews. I know Neo-Con reviews often go unscathed, so if you’re outside mainstream “conservative” opinion.

I reviewed Paul Cameron’s The Gay Nineties a few years ago. Soon somebody wrote another review as a response to mine, circulating the myth that Cameron was expelled from the American Psychological Association. Shortly after, my review was deleted - and the book was no more available through Amazon (except through their second-hand dealers).

Cameron is the most hated social scientist in gay circles, since he has concentrated on homosexuality and asked the unwelcome questions with a strong goal-orientedness. There has probably been strong pressure from the gay lobby against Amazon. I was not impressed by their courage, but the Zosimos’s experience suggests that there may be a darker side.

Joakim ¶rars

I note that Zosimos’s review of Gottfried’s book is available on My review of Cameron’s The Gay Nineties is still unavailable, just as the book itself.

My review is back but they let my original error stand (_The Decline of the West_ for _The Death of the West_). I’m not about to haggle with them any further with it to try to remove the error because they’ll probably just remove the entire review again!

Tell your stories to Michelle Malkin. She might post on it for all the world to see.

She posts rather consistently on Google’s leftist shenanigans.

From earlier entry: “circulating the myth that Cameron was expelled from the American Psychological Association”(emphasis added).

Encyclopedia entry (excerpted): “In 1983 the American Psychological Association expelled Paul Cameron for violating the association’s ethical principles.”