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Maybe Tilted Arc wasn't so bad after all

In visits to family in Austin I've been diverted by the extreme literal-mindedness of Texas public sculpture, for example a sculptural group on the grounds of the State Capitol (which of course is a common destination of school groups) that consists of lifesize replicas of 6 or 8 schoolchildren on a class outing. In Colorado it seems they're literal-minded too, only the literalism has to do with presentations of ideals that guide the current moral and political order:

The upright head depicts the profile of an African-American woman looking out to the adjacent North Denver neighborhood. The second head, with the profile of a generic male, appears to be sinking into the ground.

[From the linked page, which includes images and more discussion from the artist.] Somehow the lifesize bronze steers and football coaches in Austin strike me as less schematic and more soulful. They're more fun, and isn't fun at least a rudimentary form of spirit?