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In the presidential election, I expect to support


The issue I am trying to figure out as far as voting for president is in how best to achieve a divided, squabbling, do nothing government. Such a government might allow us time to organioze a true opposition to liberaism. I am not so sure the that the nation could survive four years of Kerry - especially with the very real possibility of three or four Ginsburgs seated in the Imperium (the Supreme Court). Not that W’s choices would be that much better - despite the fact the some of his nominees to the fedreal bench are fairly conservative. The Republicans’ disease is far deeper than George W. Bush. The party is under the effective control of the Corporatist/Liberal wing - as it has been since 1988 or before. Conservatives must make the choice to either a) try and gain control of the party; or b) for a new party altogether (Neocons, liberals - I repeat myself - and Gramscian Bobos not welcome).

Kerry’s amnesty proposal is even worse than Bush’s. Do we seriously think that Kerry and the gang will somehow slow down the race-replacement program? Not a chance. The invaders represent a ticket to permanent power for the Dhimmicrats. The great problem is that both parties are merely mouthpieces of the ruling elite and could care less abut what the commoners think. It’s like comparing a Chevy with a Buick - they’re the same basic thing with a different brand name. Kerry with a Republican Congress? In theory, a good idea. However, remember what the Republican Congress did with Bill Clinton - a criminal who should have been impeached, removed, charged, tried and convicted of treason and sent to face justice at the end of a needle? Just imagine Kerry running a homeland security apparatus with Morris Dees as head. How long do you think it will be before we’re both arrested by machine-gun toting agents at 3 AM and sent to the re-education camp, Mr. Scrooby?

I think that another Civil War is approaching, and Kerry, if elected, will seal this fate for us.

conservatism is dead,to live by dead traditions stand against Christ teachings,and you are a follower from taki-a gay and cocaine user-,justin raimondo-a gay-,nebojsa malic-a suppporter from gangsters in jugoslavija-,anthony gregory-an abortionist-,ron paul-an intimate friend from gay barney frank and supporter from communist tyrant hugo chavez-,and another garbage posing as conservatives,you are no so diferent from liberal democrats and kerry is YOUR candidate.

… but I did just notice that since I posted my last comment two-and-a-half days ago, Bush has suddenly surged from 31% to 38% while the others almost haven’t budged. Looks like maybe a few embarrassed local GOP honchos have contacted their dupe rank-and-file, telling them to get right over to Turnabout and vote for their guy… Hey, I guess that undoes the damage—an incumbent “conservative” president whose candidacy provokes some 60% opposition to his re-election among a group of very conservative voters must be on his way to victory in November…



(Hey, can Mysterious Stranger get himself a pen-name so we know which Mysterious Stranger he is?…)


Fred said: “…since I posted my last comment two-and-a-half days ago, Bush has suddenly surged from 31% to 38% while the others alomst haven’t budged.”
Wow! Fred, do you realise what this means? It means that since a couple of days ago, Bush’s total vote has gone from 13 or 14 …all the way up to 15! And on a conservative site! Amazing! It’s like a runaway train!

Correction: from 36 or 38 …all the way up to 39!

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pray for our suffering brethren in south-africa: posted by your friend Mysterious stranger from anywhere.

I’m glad to see the strong lead the Constitution Party (whose candidate for president I’m going to vote for) has opened up over the Libertarian Party in Turnabout’s poll. For most of the duration of this Turnabout poll Peroutka was in fourth place behind Badnarik. Suddenly he’s surged ahead. Yes the poll is unscientific but it’s fitting nevertheless to see him exactly where he belongs: as one of the top three contenders for the presidency. There’s significance in there somewhere. There’s always significance in rightness.

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


The more I see of Kerry’s wife Theresa on TV (I hadn’t watched any TV news or commentary until the past few days, and therefore hadn’t really seen what she was like) and the more I hear about the “gender gap” not being as big this year as it’s usually been over the past several elections, I’d venture to say that if Kerry loses it’ll be to a significant extent because women voters by and large prefer the very feminine Laura Bush to the less feminine, more mannish Theresa Heinz Kerry. (I can’t stand the politics of either one of them, incidentally.) I’d guess Theresa is a liability to the ticket where women voters are concerned.

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


Thrasymachus, declining to endorse a candidate for president, insinuates he’s leaning toward Bush. I respect Thrasy’s judgment enormously but frankly prefer what he was saying about Bush last winter, here and here.

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


I really like this excellent statement of Steve Sailer’s:

Accountability—To me, the essential issue in the election is accountability: Has George W. Bush done a good enough job to justify hiring him for another four years? We don’t know what the next four years will bring. (Certainly, the Bush Administration of the last four years is not, for better or worse, what anybody voted for in 2000.) All we can say with any confidence is that if we re-elect Bush, we will be rewarding the kind of behavior we’ve seen for the last four years, and thus we will get more of it in the future. If we reject Bush, we’re sending the message that that kind of behavior will not be rewarded, so we’ll see less of it.”

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


Click here (thanks to Steve Sailer for the link).

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


As I type this Ohio still hasn’t been officially decided and Kerry’s still declining to make a concession speech.

Here are a some rays of sunshine I think I can see:

1) Judges: Pat Buchanan has consistently claimed Bush has appointed good judges. Now, we all know about David Souter, the Supreme Court Justice Bush père appointed, who has turned out to be one of the most left-wing judges on the Court. If his father’s appointments are any indication, there’s not much to be hoped for in W’s Supreme Court nominees. Yes, W has certainly shown himself to be an extremely stubborn and tenacious fighter for what he wants. BUT … will he fight the Dems for conservative Supreme Court justices, being himself, fundamentally, a liberal? I strongly doubt it. Here’s where Pat’s claims come in: Pat means federal judges. Maybe there’s some structural set-up, or some group, or some conservative cabal, within the Bush administration that does manage, despite Bush’s extreme liberalism, to get conservative federal judges appointed. So there’s one potential ray of sunlight, federal judges being extremely important, as everyone knows. Pat: I hope you’re right!

2) The Auster Scenario: as I type this Ohio hasn’t been officially declared and Kerry hasn’t conceded but it’s clear Bush won and not only won, but won solidly, and there were even coattails—I believe I heard on TV that the GOP picked up a couple of additional seats in the Senate. If this victory does indeed turn out to have been pretty solid rather than a squeaker, that might qualify for eligibility for the Auster Scenario which Lawrence Auster proposed here (and I also discussed, here—I hope I got it right, by the way, and didn’t garble what Larry meant). So, that’s a hopeful thing.

3) The success of conservative ballot initiatives: the defense-of-marriage initiatives, consisting of amendments to state constitutions that close loopholes through which the left has been forcing homosexual “marriage” on everyone, have not only passed but passed overwhelmingly—you consistently see incredible margins of victory for these, like three-to-one. And proposition 200 (favoring immigration sanity) passed solidly in Arizona despite, as Steve Sailer points out, “overwhelming opposition from the establishments of both parties.”

4) For those among Turnabout’s regulars who are concerned in regard to immigration sanity: Tom Tancredo has been re-elected in a ten-point landslide!

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


October 25, 2004

By Doug Newman

Well, folks, this is my take on this year’s election.
A bit raw and unrefined, but I hope you understand: I just don’t give a flying rip.

The election of 2004 not matter.

Despite the endless commotion and lobotomizing media chatter and despite the endless pleas from Bush and Kerry partisans about how it-is-absolutely-crucial-to-the-future-of-this-nation-and-quite-possibly-the-world that their guy wins, this election won’t matter.

Kerry and company are at least honest about what they believe in. They admit they support oppressive taxation, an incredibly lavish welfare state, federal intrusion in education, gun control, membership in the UN and abortion on demand.

Kerry is a wolf.

Bush and company want you to think they are polar opposites of Kerry and company.

However, they still support oppressive taxation. The Bush tax cuts, while they sound massive, will only put about three dollars a week back in the pocket of the average American. Bling, bling!

They love welfare when Republicans expand it, as they have done with the prescription drug benefit and the Faith Based Initiative. (The latter is easily Bush’s worst domestic policy idea. Federal money for churches will mean federal control of churches.)

They love federal intrusion into education, exemplified by the “No Child Left Behind” program. In the third presidential debate, Dubya bragged of increasing federal spending on education by 49 percent in the last four years. All the Bush groupies would have cried “Stalinism” had Al Gore done this.

They love gun control. Bush favored a continuation of the Clinton gun ban, and would have signed it had congress passed it. Also, have you been to an airport in the last three years?

They love our membership in the UN, the biggest collection of political pond scum ever to stink up this planet. The UN is a place where Sudan and North Korea can cancel America’s vote. Bush has no intentions of getting us out.

And they love abortion on demand. The partial birth abortion ban would have outlawed almost no abortions. And when the Ninth Circuit shot down the ban, Republicans simply treated this decision as a law. Any fool knows that judges cannot make laws.

Bush talks like Thomas Jefferson, but governs like Ted Kennedy.

Bush is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A Kerry administration would bring us a socialist police state at home and perpetual war for empire abroad.

Four more years of Bush would bring us a socialist police state at home and perpetual war for empire abroad.

What is so holy and sacred about Bush and why is Kerry the candidate from the bowels of hell?

For decades, proponents of communism have said that communism would work if only the right people were in charge. We know this hasn’t happened.

Bush groupies would have you think that socialism – the legacy of FDR – and imperialism – the legacy of Woodrow Wilson – will work if only we put the right people in charge.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan came to Washington proclaiming that Jimmy Carter’s $600 billion budget was too big. President Bush recently asked Congress for a budget of $2.34 trillion. This is almost a fourfold increase. For 22 the 24 years since Reagan took office, America has had a Republican president and/or a Republican majority in at least one house of congress. And the federal government has quadrupled in size! Dude, where’s my revolution?

After almost four years of Dubya, all the programs that Republicans say they hate are bigger, costlier and more intrusive than ever. And they still don’t work! (In the two years Dubya had to contend with a Democrat controlled Senate, he never once vetoed a spending bill.)

Uncle Sam has spent $9 trillion fighting poverty since 1965 and we still have a permanent underclass.

There is one drug arrest every 42 seconds in this country and yet America has more drugs and more dangerous drugs than ever. (Republicans like to say that government doesn’t work, but God forbid you criticize that sacred cow that is the Drug War.)

There are 20,000 gun laws on the books in America, and crime and violence are still rampant.

Have I even mentioned the Constitution yet? Two words don’t appear there: “solve” and “problems.” No matter who occupies the White House or has a majority on Capitol Hill, government cannot solve your problems, my problems or the country’s problems.

Are we even a free country? Since 1980 America’s prison population has quadrupled, giving us now the world’s highest incarceration rate. And nine of the ten policy planks of the Communist Manifesto are currently in place in this the land of the free. I guess it depends on your definition of freedom.

But what about the courts? In 22 of the 24 years since Ronald Reagan took office, America has had either a Republican president and/or a Republican Senate majority. (In six of Bill Clinton’s eight years, Republicans controlled the Senate and had the ability to “Bork” every last one of his nominees.) And yet, the federal courts are still an abject farce!

Clinton and the Democratic majority are gone. Republicans have the presidency, a majority in both houses of Congress and a 7-2 majority on the Supreme Court. Bill Clinton, to be sure, was a problem, but not the problem. He is yesterday’s news. He is a has-been. He is the Mike Tyson of politics.

I thought Republicans were supposed to give us real – and really big—tax and spending cuts. Also, I thought they were supposed to repeal laws and shut down agencies and departments.

This hasn’t happened. And most of their supporters are in total denial about this.

But what about terrorism? President Bush recently authorized a $417 billion military – not a defense, a military—budget for the coming year. To give you an idea of the immensity of this budget, it is larger than the next eight military budgets combined. It is eight times larger than the military budgets of the 20 Arab countries combined.

And yet everyone wants to screw with us. This is not – like we heard so often after 9/11 – because a band of renegades led by a multi-millionaire psychopath in a cave with a turban and a ‘tude “hates our freedom and our democracy.” It is because we have our military in over 130 countries around the world. The Soviet Union could never say this. You cannot throw your weight around to this extent and expect to have everyone love you.

Instead of merely taking out the perps of 9/11, Dubya has embarked on a worldwide crusade to “rid the world of evildoers.” This is perhaps the most utopian promise ever made by a political figure.

In true liberal fashion, he is augmenting a failed big government program. If you want to minimize the terrorist threat to America, pull all the troops home. Quit meddling around in the affairs of every last country on earth. Get the military back to its original function of defending our coasts and borders. The Founders were right: steer clear of “entangling alliances.”

If you are losing sleep about events in Iraq, do this: call your boss and tell him you won’t be in on Monday because you are off to bust caps in Fallujah.

Again, this election won’t matter. No matter who wins, we will have a socialist police state at home and perpetual war for empire abroad.

But Bush is so Christian. I know, I know: he said he was a Christian in the 2000 campaign and he hasn’t hoed around with any interns. Other than that, what is the difference between him and Kerry? I will no more judge Bush than I will Clinton or Kerry in matters spiritual. However, the partial birth abortion ban had no teeth in it and the proposed federal marriage amendment is a dumb idea for reasons outlined here.

But we cannot under any circumstances have Kerry. I will vote for anyone but Kerry! Fine. Would you vote for Michael Moore? How about Louis Farrakhan, Alec Baldwin or Jane Fonda?

I have said it several times before and I will say it again: the disreputable side of my would like to see Kerry win. At least then, the folks who say they believe in limited government would give Kerry stiff opposition rather than the hero worship they have heaped on Bush.

So what does one do? I hang my hat with the Libertarian Party and its presidential candidate Michael Badnarik. Where there are no Libertarians on the ballot, I will support the Constitution Party. If no one from either of these parties appears on the ballot for a given office, I will write someone in. I will not put my stamp of approval on our current form of government. And if you do not support our current form of government, don’t put your stamp of approval on it either. When you support the lesser of two evils, you still get evil.

I know. I know. Badnarik has about as much of a chance of winning the Oval Office as he does of winning the Heisman Trophy. However, you only waste your vote when you vote for something you don’t believe in. I do not believe in socialism, a police state or perpetual war for empire. Therefore I will not vote for a candidate – either Bush or Kerry – who supports these things.

If you are voting for someone just because they have a chance of winning I ask you: What grade are you in? If you are voting, the probability is overwhelming that you are out of high school. Stop thinking and acting like you are still in high school.

Vin Suprynowicz of the Las Vegas Review-Journal espouses the pro-freedom view as well as anyone. In a recent column, he knocks one into the cheap seats:

“Pretend with me that you’re an old German on your deathbed today. Would you rather tell your grandchildren, ‘I voted for the Nazis because they seemed better than the Communists and no other party could win’? Wouldn’t you rather be able to rise up and say, ‘I publicly denounced the Nazis and the Communists’? We were a minority – 1 or 2 percent – but we stood up for the truth and we were right! We proved not all Germans were mindless torchbearers for tyranny! We were ridiculed, we were beaten and jailed, but we saved this nation’s soul. Now children, go and live your lives in a way to make me proud’?”

Bush is not Hitler and Kerry is not Stalin. However, this country is on a bobsled ride toward full-blown socialist tyranny. No matter who wins on November 2, this bobsled ride will continue.

Would you rather aid and abet this bobsled of state on its current course, or would you rather say “I don’t think so”?

Do you want peaceful revolution now or violent revolution later?

Sleep well.

The re-election of George W. Bush means that the neoconservatives will have another four years to continue pursuing their ambition of an oil rich Anglo-Zionist empire in the Middle East. Look for the administration to start whipping up war fever against Iran, Syria, the Sudan or some other target early in Bush’s second term. Whether the neocons will be successful in their ambitions remains to be seen. Certain constraining factors are at play here. These include the media, the Congress, moderate Republicans, the Democratic Party, public opinion and international opinion. The neocons don’t need all of these but they need some of these. The war in Iraq is going very badly, public opinion is sharply divided over the matter, outrageous claims made by the administration to justify the attack on Iraq have been debunked and the U.S. has already alienated most of its allies other than Israel and England. Will the neocons continue to get away with it? Stay tuned.

If a more expansive war in the Middle East comes about, look for a draft notice if you’re between eighteen and thirty. If I were you, I’d start looking into the possibility of working or studying outside of the country. My suggestions would be France, China, Russia, or somewhere in Latin America, the Caribbean or a Islamic nation.

One particularly interesting thing about this election is that exit polls show that both the economy and cultural conflicts were a greater factor in voters’ decisions than either terrorism and Iraq. This is amazing since we’re only three years past 9-11 and a major war that is both widely unpopular and serious disaster is currently being fought. A number of lessons can be drawn from this. First, foreign policy is apparently not much of an issue for most ordinary people as it is too remote from their lives, although this may change in the event of a wider war, the reinstatement of conscription or additional terrorist attacks on the US homeland. Second, being perceived as “unpatriotic” is not the political liability conventional wisdom claims that it is. Third, people vote with their pocketbook unless some major cultural conflict is involved, even when there is a war on. Fourthly, any kind of serious opposition movement has to take the socially conservative rural and small town working class population seriously. The modern Left views these elements with contempt, and insteady focuses its energies on Official Minorities and the counterculture. This kind of elitist outlook needs to give way to a more populist approach. Lastly, the Democratic Party has shown itself to be utterly incompetent. The Democrats had a decent candidate, Howard Dean, who was promptly nixed by the corporatist, Left-Zionist and cultural Marxists elements who control the party and their Big Media allies. If the Democrats are unable to find another direction for themselves, there may never be another Democratic President again. The Dems may go the same way as the Whigs or the Federalists.

What about the minor parties? Their combined showing was dismal. The Greens are dead. Nader’s name got him a few votes. The Libertarians retained their status as America’s largest third party, which doesn’t really mean much. As for the Constitution Party, why does the Religious Right need them when they have the Republicans (at least in their eyes)? The election results show clearly that a dissident movement combining the labor left and the populist right would go far. Any takers?

“It certainly will not siphon votes from the right as has been its goal for years.”

I didn’t vote for Bush, Muhlenberg. I wrote Peroutka’s name in. Who siphoned my vote “from the right”? It was your man George Bush who, together with his nincompoop sidekick Karl Rove, siphoned his own votes off and sent them elsewhere—the votes I and so many conservatives would have gladly, proudly cast for him were he palatable. He’s not. Let him look in the mirror if he wants to see who’s been siphoning off his votes. By the way—who says Bush is “the right”? For Bush to be “the right” the whole concept of political right and left would have to have lost all meaning (which is probably exactly what’s going on …).

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


With the possible exception of “white supremacists”, there is no group in America that is more hated and feared by the Liberal Establishment Èlite or the Official Left than the so-called “Religious Right”. At every election time, liberal interest groups sound the alarm concerning the imminent takeover of the United States by the Religious Right in the event of a Republican victory, and warn of the horrors of the medieval Christian theocracy that will no doubt follow. What we have here is a splendid example of scapegoating: the use of outlandish caricatures and stereotypes for the sake of demonizing a population group whose abuse provides one with a potential avenue to power.

I say this as an unabashed atheist in the tradition of Hume, Feuerbach, Marx, Huxley, Nietzsche, Freud, Russell and Sartre. I grew up in the rural parts of Virginia, where Christian fundamentalism thrives, and where the intellectual culture often seems as though it is stuck in the mid-nineteenth century. I spent the first twenty years of my life in a town called Lynchburg, Virginia, headquarters of the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s empire of televangelism. (Here’s a bit of trivia: Falwell officiated at my parents’ wedding back in the 1950s, when he was still just another local minister.) I attended fundamentalist Christian schools run by an independent Baptist church until I was fifteen. I also attended a Christian Reconstructionist church for a number of years during the same time. I was one of those kids who was “saved” when I was four or five and I even taught Sunday School at one point. I was also heavily exposed to Christian Zionist “dispensationalist” teachings of the type popularized by the “Left Behind” pulp novels.

By the time I was in my mid-teens, I had come to the conclusion that religion was, at best, a lot of bad science fiction and that anyone who took it seriously was either a) an idiot b) evil c) mentally ill or d) all of the above. Having studied a bit in Christian apologetics since then I can say that my own experience mirrors that of Proudhon, whose readings of the Catholic apologists convinced him of the truth of atheism, largely due to the shallowness of the apologists’ own arguments. Indeed, one of the things that first interested me in classical anarchism was the attacks on organized religion flung by Proudhon and Bakunin. In his “Philosophy of Misery”, Proudhon wrote:

“Come Satan, slandered by the small and by kings. God is stupidity and cowardice; God is hypocrisy and falsehood; God is tyranny and poverty; God is evil…I swear, God, with my hand starched out towards the heavens, that you are nothing more than the executioner of my reason, the scepter of my conscience…God is essentially anticivilized, antiliberal and antihuman.”

Likewise, Bakunin wrote:

“The Evil One is the Satanic revolt against divine authority, revolt in which we see the fecund germ of all human emancipation, the revolution. Satan is the eternal rebel, the first thinker and the emancipator of worlds. He makes man ashamed of his bestial ignorance and obedience; he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, urging him to disobey and eat the fruit of knowledge.”

In Christian mythology, Satan assumes the role of Prometheus, the one who brings knowledge and light in defiance of ignorance and authority. By the time I was in my early twenties, I was not only a militant anarchist revolutionary but militantly anticlerical as well. I was a card-carrying member of all of the official anti-Religious Right groups, American Civil Liberties Union, People for the American Way, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and others. Eventually, I discovered that, in addition to my distaste for their dogmatic left-liberal politics, most of these “organized unbeliever” groups were little more than a type of religious denomination themselves. One group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, even held conventions where musicians performed “atheist hymns” in counterpart to the musical aspect of religious services. One is reminded of the Jacobins erection of the Goddess of Reason during the course of the French Revolution. Some years ago I met an Egyptian immigrant, a Muslim, who told me he had never met an atheist before. “Are there temples for people like you?” he inquired. Actually, there are, if the behavior of organized religious atheism is to be any indication.

So that my position is clearly understood, let me say that I unequivocally reject religious belief as false superstition and myth. History, science and philosophy are correct. Theology and religion are wrong. That being said, what is a militantly atheistic anarchist revolutionary like myself to make of a phenomena such as the Religious Right? First, the term “religious right” has to be defined. For the sake of clarity, I will refer to the “religious right” as the movement of politicized religious conservatives that emerged in the 1970s under the leadership of figures like the Rev. Falwell and cultivated by the Republican Party establishment as a grassroots activist base and voting block. Under this definition, the Religious Right includes persons from a variety of denominational backgrounds, involving not only fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants, but also conservative Catholics and Jews, politically conservative members of “special doctrine” denominations, such as the Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists, pentecostals and other “charismatic” Christians, overtly cultic groups such as the Unification Church, some socially or politically conservative black churches and even some socially conservative agnostics.

When examining the quarter century history of this movement, it is clear that politicized religious conservatism has been an abject failure. On all of their major issues, the Religious Right is now more further behind than ever before. A Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees has consistently upheld abortion rights and abortion is now more widely practiced and socially accepted than it was in the years immediately following Roe v. Wade. Last year (2003), the Court struck down the sodomy laws in those few American states that still had such laws, which were rarely and selectively enforced. Pornography has gone from being almost entirely illegal prior to the 1950s, to being a back alley activity, to being virtually mainstream at present, with porn being one of the most profitable industries on the internet and dominating entire cable networks. Strip clubs now thrive in virtually every major US city, and the industry continues to grow. Divorce, single parenthood, premarital and extramarital sex are now more commonly practiced and socially accepted than they were during the heydey of seventies era sexual liberation. Homosexuals are now recognized as an official minority group, on par with blacks, Jews and other ethnic or religious minorities. In the years that the Religious Right has been an organized movement, the courts have continued to hand down even more restrictive rulings concering the role of religion in public schools and other state institutions. The moralists of yesteryear who railed against the allegedly immoral influence of Elvis and the Beatles are likely rolling over in their graves with the advent of “gangsta rap”, “death metal” and Marilyn Manson. And despite the brutal persecution of minority drug cultures over the past several decades, drug use shows no signs of diminishing.

The point is not whether all of this is good or bad, but that these events illustrate the complete failure of the Religious Right to achieve any significant part of its agenda. All of its bragging about its alleged influence over the Republican Party aside, the Republicans treat the Religious Right as dupes and stooges whom they rally with tales of liberal hobgoblins, pocket their money and votes, and promptly give them nothing in return. Even some leaders of the Religious Right have caught on to this. Recently, Rev. Pat Robertson threatened to bolt the Republicans and start a third party, something his kind have threatend a number of times over the past couple decades. The Republican establishment knows that this is a lot of hot air. The Religious Right is simply not large enough to field a major party of its own. It does maintain a small party, the theocratic Constitution Party, whose vote totals rival those of other fringe parties.

But what about the future? Polls and observable cultural trends indicate that enthusiasm for conservative Christianity is on the rise. This is evidenced by the number of persons responding in the affirmative to poll questions like “Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior?”, the popularity of pseudo-theological novels like the aforementioned “Left Behind” series and films like Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”, the sale of recordings of Christian rock music, church attendance rates and so on. Some believe this data indicates that Christian fundamentalism will be a major force in American society and politics at some point in the future, including both Religious Right leaders like Dr. D. James Kennedy and militant secularists like Leonard Peikoff of the Ayn Rand Institute. Dr. Edmund D. Cohen, himself a former “born again” Christian and longtime critic of the movement, believes that the political failures of the Religious Right are not indicative of the growth potential and possible future influence of theologically conservative Christianity itself. Notes Cohen:

“…never forget that television evangelism and Religious Right political activism were never more than relatively minor extracurricular activities for the captives of the conservative churches. Administering the devotional program and maintaining evangelical mind-control day in and day out remain their principal endeavors. When new activities meant to embellish that endeavor turn out to detract from it instead, they are dropped…In the long run, the problem of psychological pressure-cooker churches, with their potential to trap sensitive people in lives of silent desparation and to persuade formidable throngs of people to desire a political environment less free and less tolerant than the one we have known, will not go away. The same problem will be back in ever more virulent and ever better camouflaged guises. The conservative church movement may experience a lull…but such setbacks will prove temporary. Recent events have given no accurate indication of the immense raw social power potential that is latent in the conservative church movement. Never think that we will be spared some sort of dangerous brush with that power in years to come.”

What, then, are the potential political dangers presented by theologically conservative Christianity in general and politicized conservative Christianity in particular? It is essential to remember that fundamentalist Christians are no more monolithic than any other group. They too have their internel subsets, variances and contradictions. There are evangelical Christians who are political liberals. The great Senator from Oregon Mark Hatfield, an important and outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, was one of these. An influential figure on the contemporary Relgious Right, former Nixon aide Charles Colson, is certainly a social conservative but definitely within the realm of mainstream Republican conservatism. There are a number of influential conservative Christian writers who are libertarians, among them Doug Bandow, Vox Day, Joel Miller and William Anderson, and the works of all of these can be viewed on web sites like and or in publications like The American Conservative( Within the realm of the Religious Right, there are considerable differences over theological matters, particularly the divide between Fundamentalists and Catholics and between Christians and Jews.

It is also important to remember that while politicized religious conservatism is an important Republican base of support, many theologically conservative Christians, such as those affirming doctrines like Biblical Inerrancy or the Deity or Christ, are ethnical minorities, whose voting patterns are overwhelmingly Democratic. A major problem that has plagued the contemporary Religious Right throughout its existence has been the tendency of its leaders to publicly disgrace themselves in a variety of ways. In the 1980s, televangelists like the Rev. Jim Bakker and the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart were discredited after being implicated in sex and money scandals. More recently, figures popular with the Religious Right, William Bennett and Rush Limbaugh, have had their respective hypocrisies exposed. The influence of the Rev. Falwell has diminished considerably and the Rev. Pat Robertson has time and again been revealed as kook who claims to receive telepathic messages from the Almighty, among other shennanigans.

The principal dangers posed by the Relgious Right can be broken down into four primary categories. The first and by far the most important of these involves the common the Fundamentalist views on eschatology. The similarity between these views and nuclear holocaust are apparent enough. The following biblical passage, taken from the New Testament, is often cited by Fundamentalists as prophecy of imminent nuclear destruction:

“…the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting until the coming day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot and blameless.”

This passage is frequently interpreted to mean that Christian believers should not only accept catastrophic destruction as inevitable, but actually anticipate it with glee, as it is to be only a prelude to a future otherworldly utopia. Obviously, this is not the mindset one should wish to cultivate among those with access to America’s nuclear arsenal. During the time of the arms race between the US and the Soviet Union, Fundamentalist clerics were typically the most outspoken opponents of any efforts to ease tensions between the two regimes, viewing such efforts as the equivalent of capitulation to Satan’s godless Communists, and perhaps preventing the “end of the world” scenario they regarded as not only inevitable but desirable.

Of course, such Strangelovian views are not confined solely to cultic religious wackos. Paul Craig Roberts has commented on the plans of the neoconservatives to build “low yield” nuclear weapons for use in the open-ended Anglo-Zionist war against Islam. A similar voice for destruction has come from some in the Objectivist camp, such as Leonard Peikoff, raising serious doubts about the authenticity of the alleged commitment of these elements to “reason” and “rationality” or even “rational self-interest”. But what the presence of apocalyptic Christian fundamentalism does is provide a grassroots support base for such tendencies and a theological legitimation for such ambitions among the more primitive population groups that would not otherwise exist. This problem is intertwined with the second danger posed by the Religous Right, the presence of its Christian Zionist elements and the popular support base this provides of the relationship between the American and Israeli regimes.

Israel is a God-awful regime, an openly fascist state that keeps millions of its subjects confined to concentration camp-like ghettos, similar to those reserved for the Jews by the Nazis and probably even worse than the bantustans that blacks were restricted to under the old apartheid regime of South Africa. Additionally, there is a growing constituency among Israeli Jews for a broader program of ethnic cleansing and expulsion if not outright genocide. No regime on earth, including the so-called “rogue states” threatened by the Americans, behaves in such an abomidable way on such a comprehensive level. Israel conducts its crimes in full view of the world, knowing perfectly well that its American big brother will provide whatever cover or backup becomes necessary. That the world’s lone superpower, the most powerful in history, functions as a proxy state for Israel is due to the internal politics of America. The American Zionist elite, Jewish and Gentile, Left and Right, along with their corrupt crony capitalist allies in the worlds of oil, armaments and finance, are firmly in control of the foreign policy apparatus of the US. Any politician who dares to speak out promptly sees their career destroyed. Witness the fate of Pete McCloskey, Paul Findley, Cyndy McKinney and Earl Hilliard, among others. And as is the case with nuclear proliferation, radical Zionism finds in most viligant grassroots support base among the fanatically “pro-Israel” dispensationalist Christians who figure prominently among the Religious Right.

A third danger posed by conservative Christianity involves the misology, or hatred of reason and rational discourse, endemic to Christian theology and the potentially negative impact of this on the progress of science and intellectual culture, given the dependence of these on empirical methodology free of ideological presuppositions. The following biblical passage is indicative of the anti-intellectualism common to much conservative Christian thought:

“My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine sounding arguments.”

In other words, say the Christians, don’t confuse us with facts, as Christ has revealed the truth to us. It is important to remember that the destruction of the Greco-Roman civilization of antiquity by Christianity, and the corresponding demise of pagan intellectual culture, ushered a period of enormous intellectual and cultural regression, commonly referred to as “The Dark Ages”, that lasted nearly a thousand years until the advent of renewed interest in pagan learing during the time of the Renaissance. Indeed, much of the backwardness of the contemporary Islamic world is attributable to the baleful influence of that religon in the regions where it is dominant. Islam mirrors Christianity near perfectly in its misology, otherworldliness, fatalism, irrationalism and authoritarianism. Indeed, it could be argued that Islam is little more than a type of Christian heresy, borrowing as it does from Christianity. It is true that Islamic civilization was considerably more advanced than that of Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution, but that is likely due to the residual influence of the pre-Islamic, pagan Ptolemaic civilization that existed in the Middle East prior to the emergence of Islam, which eventually achieved full dominance under the Ottoman Turks.

Opponents of the Religious Right often point to the religious persecution that exists in the Islamic world as evidence of the dangers posed by politicized conservative Christianity in America. Claims of this type are typically exaggerated. Only a tiny handful of American Christians actually favor a theocratic Christian regime similar to the Islamic theocracy of Saudi Arabia or the former Taliban government of Afghanistan. Indeed, most US Christians would likely oppose even the establishment of an innocuous state church a la the Church of England in America. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of conservative Christians have traditionally seen themselves as defenders of American liberty, democracy or constitutional government against Nazism, Communism or “Islamo-Fascism”. However, there does exist a latent, residual theocratic tendency among conservative religious elements that gives cause for concern. Most of these people will admantly insist that they are opposed to theocracy or a religious state of any sort, and for the most part they are sincere. Yet, while most of these people favor a formal separation of church and state, they still believe it is proper for the state to prohibit activities and persecute persons, groups and ways of life that are deemed excessively sinful, impious or “immoral”.

Religious conservatives are among the foremost proponents of what are commonly referred to as “victimless crime laws”. These involve laws that criminalize activities that involve no direct harm or aggression against the person or property of others but are simply disapproved of for religious, moral, philosophical, cultural or aesthetic reasons. Evangelical Christians were among the principal enthusiasts for alcohol prohibition and are today among the most fervent champions of laws criminalizing the use and sale of psychoactive drugs, sexually explicit literature or films, homosexuality, prostitution and other non-marital or non-procreative sexual behaviors, gambling, suicide or assisted suicide and other similar “offenses”. It is because of legistlation of this type that the United States now maintains by far the world’s largest prison population. One quarter of all the world’s prisoners are in the United States, though Americans are only five percent of the world population. Indeed, it is especially ironic that the allegedly “free” or “democratic” United States incarcerates many more of its citizens, both numerically and per capita, than any of the so-called “rogue states” such as Iran, Iraq or Syria. Only North Korea, with its three hundred thousand labor camp inmates, comes close to rivaling the US.

This problem is only getting worse. Well over two million people are now in US prisons and millions more are wards of the state through probation, parole, “community service”, substance abuse “treatment”, civil commitment, house arrest and other similar programs. The year 2003 was a record high in terms of the number of drug arrests, more than half of these arrests for marijuana related charges, even though the relatively harmless nature of marijuana is widely conceded by scientists and physicians with experience in the field of drug related studies. Penalties handed out to prisoners of the drug war have been increasing for decades and now often rival those handed out by the most vicious of totalitarian regimes. Prison conditions have also deteriorated rapidly in the last decade and the mistreatment of prisoners is on the rise. Religious conservatives typically remain oblivious to all of this. The platform of the Constitution Party is an excellent case in point. While containing many solid and refreshingly radical provisions, the platform of this party also clings steadfastly to the right-wing prohibitionist line, affirming support for a wide range of victimless crime laws, censorship and religion-based prohibitions. This is akin to turning up the heat while the house is burning down.

To be fair, it should be aknowledged that the Left, Center and secular Right have typically been as useless on these matters as anyone from the Religious Right. One of the fiercest proponents of the drug war, including mandatory minimum sentencing, has been the arch-liberal Senator from New York Charles Schumer. The drug war continued unabated under the regime of the Religious Right’s archenemy Bill Clinton. Indeed, the Clinton regime went out of its way to distance itself from the comment of Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders in favor of drug decriminalization. Albert Gore is married to 1980s pop music inquisitor Tipper Gore and Joseph Lieberman is a former ally of the twenty-first century Comstock, “Vegas Bill” Bennett. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Clinton appointee and former ACLU feminist, was the author of an opinion favoring the authority of the state to seize the private property of innocent owners when the property in question was used in the facilitation of a crime. The specific case on which this opinion was based involved the seizure of an automobile belonging to a woman whose husband had used the vehicle to pick up a prostitute.

Rudolph Giuliani, a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control liberal who is supposedly the face of “moderate”, anti-Religious Right Republicanism, was an arch-persecutor of the sex industry and of prostitutes during his time as mayor of New York, and build in his career in part on the wreckage of the drug war. And what of his successor, the tobacco prohibitionist Michael Bloomberg? Another alleged “moderate” Republican, John McCain, has joined forces with anti-tobacco, anti-gambling and anti-“extreme fighting” crusaders. And no one is a stauncher drug prohibitionist than the arch-liberal Congressman from Harlem, Charles Rangel. Suffice to say that the Religious Right, at its most theocratic and reactionary, would simply replace the tyranny of the present therapeutic state with a new tyranny of its own. Two sides of the same coin, for the most part.

While politicized religious conservatives may be no greater enemies of liberty than partisans of the present system, all things considered, there are a number of issues where religious conservatives may indeed by valuable allies of liberty. Anarchists, libertarians and other anti-state radicals with “progressive” cultural views tend to focus exclusively on the Religious Right’s opposition to abortion or homosexuality while unfortunately ignoring the libertarian or populist tendencies found among many religious conservatives. While there certainly exists a theocratic strand among religious conservatives, many of these people view themselves as defending their own culture, religion, communities or families against the tyranny of a federal empire controlled by a totalitarian secular elite.

The platform of the Constitution Party illustrates this point quite vividly. The party supports unabashedly civil libertarian measures such as the elimination of assest forfeiture laws, warrantless searches and seizures, compulsory school attendance, gun control legistlation, personal income and excise taxes and hate crimes statutes. The right of jury nullification is affirmed along with opposition to the draft, American participation in foreign wars, the USA PATRIOT Act, repression of “pro-life” demonstrations, foreign aid and restrictive ballot access laws. The party calls for the abolition of the IRS, special perks for politicians, the use of domestic federal aid as a means of eliminating local sovereignty, the FDA, intrusive environmental laws, HMOs, the Federal Reserve, “paper” money, the power of Executive Order and many government surveillance activities. The party also calls for withdrawal by the US from the UN, NATO, WTO, NAFTA, GATT, FTAA, IMF, World Bank, Import-Export Bank and New World Order. There are calls for land reform and recognition of the right of secession. Federal revenue is to be derived from tariffs on international trade and corporate taxes.

It would appear that radical religious conservatives, populists, decentralists, constitutionalists, militiamen and intellectually consistent libertarians and anarchists are in agreement about a wide range of issues. What of the prohibitionist or theocratic aspect of the Constitution Party platform? Control over such matters as crime, education, drug laws, “morals” laws, abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia and the like are to be decentralized to the states and localities. Ironically, this can only work to the advantage of cultural and civil libertarians. Elimination of federal jurisdiction over these matters would remove one of the layers of oppression, indeed the most severe and all-encompassing layer of oppression, that activists and dissidents in these areas face. Resistance to the police state is rising at the local level. Medical marijuana initiatives have passed in some states and full-blown decriminalization continues to come up on the ballot. Hundreds of localities have issued declarations denouncing the USA PATRIOT Act. A substantial majority of the states had already repealed their sodomy laws prior to the nationwide abolition of these laws by the Supreme Court with the Lawrence vs. Texas decision. A San Francisco Task Force called for the decriminalization of prostitution. Referendums have passed in some states legalizing voluntary euthanasia.

Continued decentralization of control over such controversial social issues would allow activists to focus on “target localities” for the achievement of their goals. For example, the Free State Project is working to colonize New Hampshire and eliminate most of the state government. A militiant marijuana group, the Green Panthers, wishes to establish a sovereign homeland in northern California and southern Oregon, with a marijuana/hemp based economy similar to the tobacco economy of North Carolina or the coca economy of Colombia. The majority of drug users, dealers, prostitutes, pornographers, bookies and other persecuted figures reside in urban areas. Free cities and enclaves similar to the red light districts of Frankfurt Am Mein and Amsterdam could be established for these elements. Meanwhile, rural counties and small towns could maintain their prohibitionist laws if they wished, just as some states and localities remained “dry” after the repeal of alcohol prohibition. Perhaps a coalition of the Jerry Falwell Right and Larry Flynt Left could emerge, whereby libertines are able to achieve sovereignty and liberation through the establishment of their own communities, while puritans and theocrats could maintain an ascetic way of life in communities of their own.

A key issue in the development of a successful opposition to the US empire will be the degree to which radicals and revolutionaries are able to ciphon off elements of the grassroots support base currently maintained by the ruling class factions, consequently expanding their own ranks and neutralizing ruling class coalitions. The Democratic Party is currently structured as a tactical alliance of the corporate left (of the Wilsonian-New Deal-Great Society tradition) and bourgeoise elements among the traditional minority groups that came into the party following the advent of the “New Politics” of 1960s radicalism and the McGovern campaign of 1972. This alliance of the bourgeoise corporate left and the bourgeoise cultural left allows the Democratic Party to relegate its traditional labor constituency to the margins. Similarly, the Republicans maintain a tactical alliance of the corporate right, radical right-wing Jewish nationalism (so-called “neoconservatism”) and Christian Zionist and theocratic elements, thereby allowing the party to ignore its populist, libertarian and traditional conservative grassroots support base.

It would appear that the natural constituency for an authentic opposition movement would be populist, libertarian, decentralist and labor elements from both the left and right. The successful construction of such a coalition would simultaneously neutralize the more destructive elements of the Religious Right, by engineering a split between its populist and libertarian factions and its theocratic and Zionist factions. The populist element of politicized religious conservatism would help to strenghten the ranks of the opposition, while eclipsing the influence of the Zionists and theocrats, by removing the rank-and-file support base. The corporate right and neoconservative Republican establishment would then be pushed toward the neoliberal corporate left and the cultural Marxists, thereby concentrating the enemy into a single coalition that would be more easily isolated and attacked from all sides. Keith Preston in “American Revolutionary Vanguard”.

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The same JTF program aired in Queens on Tuesday, September 13, 1994, precisely one year after the evil White House handshaking ceremony between Bill Clinton, Yitzchak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

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A Brief Commentary On
The Presidential Election

President Bush has been a disaster during his first term in office and his second term promises to be even more disastrous - In July 2003, a chuckle-headed President Bush called for the creation of a PLO terrorist state in no more than five years because “when you start sliding goals, it makes progress less realistic”

The reelection of President Bush means four more years of the same failed left-wing policies.

We endorsed Bush solely as the lesser of the two evils because it was clear that as bad as Bush is, John Kerry would have been even worse.

Bush was a disastrous President in his first term, and we predict that he will be even more disastrous during the next four years.

We urged that left-wing Republican Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania be defeated for reelection. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania voters thought otherwise.

We correctly predicted that Specter - who is next in line to become chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee - would work to block pro-life and conservative judicial appointments.

Surely enough, on the day immediately after the election, Specter warned Bush not to nominate pro-life judges.

Let this be a lesson to all true conservatives.

If not for Bush’s support in the Pennsylvania GOP primary, Specter would certainly have been defeated by his conservative Republican opponent

Bush endorsed Specter and campaigned for him in the Republican U.S. Senate primary when Specter was being challenged by a conservative Congressman. Specter beat the conservative challenger in the GOP primary by a razor-thin margin of only 50.6% to 49.4%. Without Bush’s very active and public support, Specter would certainly have lost the primary, and Pennsylvania would probably be represented today by a conservative Republican Senator.

Bush thought Specter would attract “moderate” (left-wing) voters to the Republican Party, thereby enabling Bush to carry Pennsylvania. The strategy was a complete flop.

Bush lost Pennsylvania and now has to deal with the disgusting Bolshevik Specter, who will work with the Democrats to undermine the Republican agenda.

The moral of the story?

Bush is not a conservative, Bush is not a man of principle, and Bush cannot be trusted.

Real conservatives should organize now to take over the Republican Party in time for the 2008 Presidential elections.

In the meanwhile, we should push our agenda as much as possible with the new Congress: a crash program for U.S. energy independence; U.S. or Israeli Air Force strikes against terrorist Iran’s nuclear bomb-making factories; no U.S. pressure on Israel; and an end to all U.S. foreign aid to all countries.


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The End Of
American Jewry

Self-hating Jew and Hollywood “icon” Phil Spector, dressed like a black pimp
A devoted admirer of Malcolm X and Hitler’s composer Richard Wagner, he is now on trial for the murder of a Hollywood starlet

Self-hating Jew Adam Shapiro is married to an Arab and supports Arab Muslim Nazi terrorism (April 2002) - A mere seven months after the Muslim terrorist butchery of September 11th, self-hating Jew Adam Shapiro appeared on the Clinton News Network (CNN) to tell former Clinton henchman Paul Begala why he thought that Hamas terrorism against innocent Jewish men, women and children was “justified,” and why he volunteered to serve as a human shield for the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat

Forty years ago, there were 6 million Jews in the United States.

If Jews had married their fellow Jews instead of intermarrying outside of the Jewish faith, and if Jews had followed the Torah commandment to have large families, there would be at least 12 million Jews in America today.

In 1960, the intermarriage rate among American Jews - marriage between Jews and non-Jews - was 3%. Today, the intermarriage rate is 60%, and it has been over 50% for at least the past 25 years.

The Torah absolutely forbids religious intermarriage under any circumstances. Even if the non-Jewish spouse is willing to “convert” to Judaism, the conversion is completely invalid. A person cannot convert to Judaism for purposes of marriage. The only valid and acceptable reason for converting to Judaism is a genuine and sincere belief in the absolute truth of the Jewish faith. Ulterior motives such as marriage make “conversions” null and void in the eyes of G-d.

The Traitor-in-Chief Bill “Chinagate” Clinton with self-hating Jew Barbra Streisand, who helped to make a movie trashing President Ronald Reagan

Authentic Judaism discourages conversions. Which is why we never see Jewish preachers urging Gentiles to become Jewish. A Gentile convert must not only believe in the absolute truth of the Jewish faith, he must also be willing to become shomer mitzvot (a keeper of the Torah commandments and way of life). A Gentile who converts to Judaism and then fails to keep the Torah commandments renders his conversion invalid.

Thus, all of the “conversions” performed by Conservative, Reformed and Reconstructionist pseudo-rabbis cannot possibly be valid. First of all, the reason for the “conversions” is marriage and not a genuine belief in Judaism. Second, the phony “converts” have no intention of observing taryag mitzvot (the 613 commandments of the Torah). Third, the Conservative, Reformed and Reconstructionist “rabbis” are not real rabbis. Only Orthodox rabbis with smichut al pi halacha (rabbinic ordination according to halacha, Torah Jewish law) are genuine rabbis.

Of course, Gentiles who decide to convert out of a sincere belief in Judaism and a sincere willingness to observe the Torah commandments, and whose conversion is carried out by a beit din (Orthodox rabbinic court), are fully welcomed into the Jewish people as brothers and sisters.

Throughout Jewish history, intermarriage has always led to the obliteration of Jewish communities.

As stated earlier, the 6 million American Jews of 40 years ago should be 12 million today. Instead, the American Jewish community has for the most part disappeared.

Although Jewish leaders try to claim that there are still 5 million Jews in America, the reality is much grimmer. The overwhelming majority of American Jews are JINOs (Jewish In Name Only) at best, and self-hating Jewish traitors at worst.

Jewish tweenager Ilana Wexler speaks at the Democrat convention for the Jew-hater John Kerry (July 2004) - Ilana is the daughter of self-hating Jews Jonathan and Heidi Wexler, whose “Conservative” Jewish congregation in far left-wing Berkeley, California is Netivot Shalom, Paths of “Peace” - that is, paths of suicide for Israel and the Jewish people

Just look at the recent Presidential election. John Kerry made it clear that he intended to pressure Israel to commit national suicide with even greater intensity than George Bush, yet he received 76% of the Jewish vote. How many JINOs know or care that when Kerry speaks about the need to devote far more attention to the “peace” process, he means far more pressure on tiny Israel to make suicidal concessions? How many JINOs actually want America to pressure Israel to commit suicide and want Israel to disappear, so that these self-hating Jewish cowards will no longer have to be bothered or embarrassed when the anti-Semitic world condemns everything that Israel does?

The vicious Jew-hater Bill Clinton relentlessly pressured Israel to self-destruct. In January 2001, he unveiled the Clinton Plan, where he demanded an Israeli retreat to the utterly indefensible pre-1967 borders, and also demanded that Israel’s sacred and eternal capital city of Jerusalem be handed over to the PLO Nazi terrorist mass murderers.

Self-hating Jew Dennis Ross, a Mideast “negotiator” for the elder George Bush and the Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton, praises the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat’s successors (July 2003) - Ross opined that deceitful PLO Muslim terrorist leaders like Abu Mazen “give their word and keep it”

The Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat was invited to meet with Clinton in the White House far more than any other foreign leader in the world, as Clinton spent eight years in the Presidency obsessively seeking a “peace” agreement that would have destroyed Israel.

How did the JINOs react to this grave threat to Israel’s existence? They enthusiastically supported Clinton’s brutal pressure on Israel.

Self-hating Jew Dennis Ross with his Jew-hating bosses, the Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton and Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright (who claimed not to have known that she was Jewish) - Ross laments that “we were tantalizingly close to an overall agreement” with the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat and his PLO terrorists for Israel’s suicidal surrender and the creation of a PLO terrorist state in her sacred heartland

In the 2000 Presidential election, the evil Gore-Lieberman ticket won 78% of the Jewish vote promising to continue Clinton’s vile anti-Israel policies.

Indeed, the architects of most of the anti-Israel pressure have not been Gentile anti-Semites, but rather Jewish anti-Semites.

The first effective pressure on Israel to retreat from the Jewish Biblical lands which she liberated in the 1967 Six Day War was started in the 1970s by the Jewish anti-Semite Henry Kissinger.

Self-hating Jew Dennis Ross (on the right, wearing glasses) at the 1991 Madrid conference with the elder George Bush’s Jew-hating petrodollar Secretary of State James “F*** the Jews” Baker (on the left, in the front row) - The Madrid conference laid the groundwork for the 1993 Oslo “peace” accords, which resulted in the deaths of 1,500 innocent Jewish men, women and children

When George Bush’s father was President, self-hating Jews in the State Department such as Dennis Ross, Dan Kurtzer and Richard Haas convinced the Gentile anti-Semitic Secretary of State James “F*** the Jews” Baker to begin intensive new pressure on the Jewish homeland.

In the 1980s, President Reagan decided to ignore the Jewish-Muslim conflict in the Middle East - which was good for Israel, because it meant that there was no U.S. pressure on the Jewish State.

However, the anti-Semitic JINOs were very upset that Reagan was neglecting the “peace” process.

Anti-Semitic JINO Senators Carl Levin of Michigan, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and others signed a public letter demanding that Israel surrender the G-d-given Jewish Biblical lands of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District).

Good Jews and righteous Gentiles trying to save America and Israel from Islamic terrorism are universally reviled by self-hating Jews who wish to see both nations drown in a sea of Islamic and other Third World filth

When true friends of the Jewish people, such as then North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, signed a public letter urging Israel to annex and never surrender a single inch of the land which the Jewish State liberated in the 1967 Six Day War, the anti-Semitic JINOs were furious.

The self-hating Jews raised tens of millions of dollars to defeat Helms and other pro-Israel Christian Senators and Congressmen when they ran for reelection.

Righteous Gentiles like Republican House majority leader Tom DeLay, a genuine friend of Israel, are excoriated by self-hating Jews as “extreme right-wingers” - On a national television broadcast, DeLay said that Rabbi Meir Kahane was right in calling for the expulsion of Israel’s murderous fifth column, the Arab Muslim Nazis

The more the Jew-hater Bill Clinton surrounded himself with Jews, the more the pressure on Israel intensified.

Clinton’s Jewish Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Jewish National Security Adviser Sandy Berger spent most of their time urging Clinton to continue to try to squeeze Israel to death.

Bill Clinton’s self-hating Jewish Secretary of State Madeline Albright spent most of her time urging him to squeeze Israel to death

The unbelievably evil behavior of American Jews has a long history. During the Holocaust, Jews enthusiastically supported Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose monstrous policies were directly responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews. Roosevelt received 90% of the Jewish vote and was surrounded by Jewish advisers.

Now American Jews are disappearing. Massive intermarriage, very low birth rates and alienation from their Jewish roots cause the number of Jews in the U.S. to decline each year.

Self-hating Hollywood Jew Phil Spector, minus his pimp hat, on trial for the murder of a starlet - Spector says that the three people whom he admires most in life are Hitlerian composer Richard Wagner, black Communist Paul Robeson and black Nazi pimp, drug dealer and rapist Malcolm X

Most American Jews are now enemies of their own people. When they gain influence in politics, government, the news media, business, the academic world or the entertainment industry, they work to destroy their fellow Jews in Israel.

When righteous Gentiles - such as Bible-believing Christians - support Israel, most Jews do everything possible to defeat the Gentile Zionists.

When evil Gentiles - such as black leaders and white leftists - work to destroy Israel, most Jews are on the side of the evil Gentiles and fund their Jew-hating activities.

Israeli Marxist Labor Party leader Shimon Peres, who wants Israel to join the Arab League - a Muslim terrorist gang formed for the express purpose of annihilating the Jewish homeland - addressed his fellow Jewish sicknesses at Manhattan’s “prestigious” Park East Synagogue

There is no future for American Jewry. Our future is in the State of Israel, where the Jewish population is now over 5 million and growing every year. In Israel, most young Jews are right-wing, and over 50% of Jewish children ages 6 and under are strictly Orthodox. While American Jewry is disappearing, Israeli Jewry is developing into a dynamic, religious and nationalistic Jewish community that will lead the Jewish people to final redemption.

We can save tens of thousands - perhaps even hundreds of thousands - of American Jews from spiritual oblivion if JTF’s allies take power in Israel.

A new right-wing Israeli Government headed by JTF’s allies - the Hilltop Youth and Baruch Marzel’s Chayil (Valor) Party - would begin a massive campaign to encourage American Jews to do tshuva (return to their Torah heritage). American Jews would be encouraged to learn and observe the mitzvot (commandments), to learn the Hebrew language, and to make aliyah (emigrate to Israel).

What self-hating Jews worship - Self-hating Jewish Hollywood Democrat political operative Robert Zimmerman (r.) told an interviewer that “Barbra Streisand is an idol of mine”

An Israel headed by JTF’s allies would welcome olim chadashim (new immigrants) with love, respect and dignity. Every Jew would become a part of our national, patriotic and spiritual duty to transform the Jewish homeland into what the Bible demands of us: to be a “light unto the nations,” “a holy nation” and “a nation of priests.”

JTF is proud to be the main U.S. fundraiser for the Hilltop Youth and the Chayil Party.

A different organization, the Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA), is a tax-exempt charity which funds the non-political educational efforts and humanitarian needs of the Hilltop Youth and right-wing Jewish dissidents such as Baruch Marzel and Noam Federman. Your generous checks or money orders made out to “VJA” can be sent to:

POB 650327
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
Now more than ever, we need your help.

Heroic Jewish pioneers gathered in October 2004 to protest the Israeli parliament’s treasonous vote to ethnically cleanse Yesha of its Jewish population

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising cocktail party for JTF (which is political but not tax-exempt) or VJA (which is tax-exempt and non-political). Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends and associates - you can organize a cocktail party. If you wish to hold a cocktail party, please contact us.

Second, make out a generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) to “JTF” or “VJA” and send it out right away. If you prefer, you can mail a cash donation.

Third, zealously spread the word about the JTF.ORG web site. Posting portions of JTF.ORG on popular internet message boards is especially effective. We do get many new hits when we are posted.

Fourth, please remember to include the “Jewish Task Force (JTF)” or the “Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA)” or both in your will.


Become an army of one!

Entertainment critic
Michael Musto
Make sure that Internet users hungry for an uncompromising right-wing message are aware of JTF’s exciting and informative television broadcasts, which even Michael Musto, the well-known entertainment critic of the left-wing Village Voice and E! television network, called the “most riveting shows on cable television.” Post links to our audio files on new and different message boards weekly. Cyberspace is filled with tens of thousands of message boards, each with its own loyal following, and each of our technically adept supporters should continually expose us to fresh audiences by posting our links on new and different boards weekly.

The best way to post our audio files is simply to supply “live” links to the full URL (Internet address) of each of our two weekly shows - “Take Back America” and “Jewish Task Force” - and our truly riveting September 11, 1994 broadcast:
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G-d demands deeds, not mere words
It is worthless to agree with the views expressed by JTF without following through with action. G-d demands deeds, not mere words.

It is imperative that good Jews and righteous Gentiles who care about the future of America and Israel zealously spread the word about JTF.ORG. Promote it among your friends, relatives and acquaintances and convince them to do likewise. Promote it on internet message boards, in chat rooms, through faxes and e-mails and on radio talk shows. And promote it in your religious institutions, organizations and clubs.

G-d will bless you for standing with the forces of uncompromising righteousness and truth


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Are you the Ben Hecht of our times?
Are you the Ben Hecht of our times? - The brilliant screenwriter or co-screenwriter of Scarface, The Front Page, Monkey Business, Twentieth Century, Hurricane, The Prisoner of Zenda, Nothing Sacred, A Star Is Born, Gunga Din, Stagecoach, Wuthering Heights, Gone With the Wind, Foreign Correspondent, His Girl Friday, Lifeboat, Spellbound, Notorious, The Thing, Strangers On a Train, Roman Holiday, Guys and Dolls, Some Like It Hot, The Man With the Golden Arm and hundreds of other films, Jewish hero Ben Hecht (1893-1965) was known as the “Hollywood Shakespeare” but made a far greater mark on the world, and enshrined his name forever in the annals of Jewish history, when he raised millions of dollars for the Irgun Tzvai Leumi, the heroic Jewish freedom fighters who blew the British out of the land of Israel and resurrected the Jewish homeland after 2,000 years of interregnum. Hecht’s courageous and highly controversial financial support enabled the Irgun - outnumbered 100 to 1 - to vanquish, in the most spectacular revolt of modern history, the 100,000 British soldiers who illegally occupied the Holy Land.
If JTF were on national television or radio in America and Israel, imagine how the world would change for the better! In Israel, Torah truth and justice would finally reign supreme. And in the United States, the sleeping giant of American patriotism would finally be aroused. Our huge audience would inspire a genuine right-wing movement, making it impossible for frauds like George Bush and Ariel Sharon to pass themselves off as “conservatives” and “right-wingers.” We would save America and Israel from the abyss of Muslim Nazi and Third World oblivion, and we would thwart the effort to destroy American and Israeli sovereignty.

For our glorious dream to come true, JTF needs millions of dollars to pay for air time on national television or radio.

If you are the Ben Hecht of our generation, a wealthy Jew or righteous Gentile who correctly recognizes JTF as a historic force to save America and Israel, please feel free to contact us immediately.

Muslim Turkey: Gateway To
An Islamic Nazi Takeover Of Europe (Part 2)

Turkish Muslim Nazis practice their terrorist religion

The Turkish Muslim invaders butchered southeastern Europe by way of Constantinople, which fell to the Turks in 1453 - An old painting shows the city (the horseshoe-shaped object) under Turkish control and its Greek leaders yoked neck to neck and on the verge of decapitation by their Turkish Muslim butchers

Last week, JTF refuted the absurd myth that Muslim Turkey is “moderate” and an “ally” of America, Israel and the West. JTF noted that if Turkey is admitted into the European Union (EU), it will lead to an even faster Muslim Nazi takeover of Europe. JTF exposed the long history of Turkish Muslim Nazi genocide, rape, torture and oppression of the Serbs and the Greeks. See Muslim Turkey: Gateway To An Islamic Nazi Takeover Of Europe (Part 1).

The heroic Serb Christians rebelled on numerous occasions against their Turkish Muslim oppressors. These rebellions failed because Turkey’s military was much larger than the Serb rebel forces.

Finally, in 1804, the desperate Serb people - after centuries of brutal Turkish Muslim murder, rape and torture - launched an all-out national revolution against the barbaric Turks. The revolt was led by George Petrovic, popularly known as Karageorge. A man of immense courage and military ability, Karageorge had been fighting the Turkish butchers since he was a boy.

The redoubtable Serbian hero Karageorge (“Black George”) - As a youth, Karageorge killed a Turkish Muslim Nazi who arrogantly demanded that he step aside for him on a footpath, and who threatened him with murderous violence for refusing to comply

Despite overwhelming odds, the valiant Serbs defeated the Turks with spectacular victories at Irankovac, Misar and Belgrade. Karageorge’s Serb rebels were able to liberate the entire province of Belgrade from the Turkish occupiers.

By 1812, Turkey’s Ottoman Empire agreed to grant Serbia autonomy.

Metal from a cannon of the Serbian hero Karageorge was used to mold the crown of Serbia’s King Peter I (1903-1918)

However, as Muslims always do, Turkey blatantly violated the autonomy agreement and attacked Serbia the very next year, in 1813.

The Turks again occupied Serbia, but in 1815, the Serbs led another revolt against Turkish oppression. The bloody war continued until 1826, when the Serbs forced the Turks to again promise them autonomy.

By 1833, the Serbs had finally won autonomy for all of Serbia. But the Turks repeatedly violated all of their agreements, and the Serbs were forced to fight many additional wars until finally gaining full independence in 1918, at the end of World War I.

During five hellish centuries of Turkish occupation, the Turks murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, wounded millions of Serbs, raped hundreds of thousands of Serb women and children, and forcibly converted to Islam hundreds of thousands of Slavic Christians in the Balkans.

A 19th century watercolor of Athens and its world-famous acropolis, looking much as they must have in the days of their ancient glory

The horrific suffering of the Serbs under Turkish Muslim rule was similar to the persecution and torment that the Greeks experienced.

The Greeks initiated a mass revolt against the Turkish occupation in 1770. Turkey sent Albanian Muslim Nazi troops to Greece to crush the rebellion. The Albanians spent the next nine years murdering, plundering and raping Greek men, women and children.

In 1821, the Greeks again attempted to free their country of the dreaded Turks. The war continued until the Turkish forces in 1825 brought in Egyptian Muslim Nazi soldiers to help them defeat the Greek freedom-fighters.

A European vase depicts a Turkish Muslim butcher falling under the sword of a Greek Christian patriot

The battle of Navarino (1827), in which an allied force of European vessels crushed a Turkish-Egyptian fleet and made possible a free - but tiny - Greece

The Egyptian intervention aroused European nations to assist Greece militarily. In 1827, a joint Russian, French and British naval patrol in the Mediterranean Sea destroyed a Turkish-Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Navarino. This and other European military action enabled the Greeks to win autonomy in 1827.

A tiny independent state of Greece - with only 800,000 residents - was established in 1832. But more than three times as many Greeks - 2.5 million - remained outside of the boundaries of the tiny new Greek state. These millions of Greeks continued to live under Turkish Ottoman Muslim Nazi oppression.

A Greek priest torn to pieces by the Muslim Nazi Turks - The metropolitan Chrysostom (“Golden Tongue”) was the spiritual head of Greek resistance in Ionia (Turkish-occupied Asia Minor) after World War I. When his city of Smyrna fell to the Turks in 1922, he refused to take sanctuary in the French consulate, preferring to suffer the fate of his persecuted Greek Christian flock. After shearing his beard to humiliate him, the Turkish Muslim Nazis - in an all too familiar display of Islamic terrorist brutality - cut off his ears, nose and hands and gouged out his eyes with their bare hands, sufferings which he bore with the most perfect equanimity.

Dozens of Greek wars and rebellions were launched over the next century, from 1832 to 1939, to liberate the millions of Greek Christians held captive under Turkish Muslim rule.

As with the long-suffering Serbs, the Greeks paid a very heavy price as the victims of Turkish Muslim savagery: during more than four centuries of Turkish occupation, the Turks murdered hundreds of thousands of Greeks, raped hundreds of thousands of Greek women and children, kidnapped and enslaved tens of thousands of Greek women and children, and forcibly converted to Islam hundreds of thousands of Greek Christians.

Next week, JTF will examine the Turkish Muslim holocaust against the Armenian Christians, as well as the current Turkish genocide against the Kurdish Muslims. (The fact that Turks are cruel enough to commit all-out genocide against even their fellow Muslims - the Kurds - should convince any sane observer that Muslims are also cruel enough to fulfill the Koranic commandment to exterminate all non-Muslims.)

A printing press sent by a French publisher to the 1821 Greek revolutionaries - With your help, JTF can continue to spread the truth about Islamic Nazi aggression and brutality across the globe

We will prove that Turkish Muslim Nazi mass murder, cruelty and sadism continue to this day, and that Turkey is no different from all other Muslim nations in its desire to defeat, and eventually annihilate, all non-Muslim “infidels.”

To Be Continued
The only hope for saving America, Israel and Western civilization from terrorist Islam and its “infidel” collaborators is to spread the truth and then to organize righteous Jews and righteous Gentiles.

Therefore, every generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) made out to “JTF” (which is political and not tax-exempt) or to “VJA” (which is fully tax-exempt and non-political) makes a huge difference. You can also send cash donations if you wish.

Do not depend on others to do your part! G-d only blesses those who do their own part!
May G-d bless all of our loyal supporters and their loved ones.

Armed with the truth, we can save the Jewish homeland!

What the Bible
really says about
surrendering Jewish land
How to stop
the Bolshevik elite
from surrendering Israel

How Israel won
her greatest victories
by defying U.S. pressure

What Bolshevik
brainwashing has
done to Israeli Jews

There is no
(Part 1 of 2)

There is no
(Part 2 of 2)

Is Yesha occupied
or liberated?
(Part 1 of 2)

Is Yesha occupied
or liberated?
(Part 2 of 2)

There are no
Arab “moderates”
(Part 1 of 2)

There are no
Arab “moderates”
(Part 2 of 2)

Help free the Jewish hero from house arrest!

Noam Federman is a Jewish dissident whom Israel’s Bolshevik authorities brutally imprisoned for nine months solely because of his popularity and right-wing views. No charges were ever filed against him. Now, Noam is under highly restrictive house arrest to stop him from convincing Israeli Jews not to commit national suicide.
End the anti-democratic persecution of Jewish hero Noam Federman!
Please do the following three things to protect Noam Federman’s human rights:

Fax or e-mail Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
demanding an end to Federman’s unjust and anti-democratic house arrest.
Fax or e-mail Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz
who ordered Federman’s original imprisonment and can end his disgraceful house arrest.
Send a generous check, money order or cash donation to “JTF” to help us free Federman.

Ariel Sharon’s fax number
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I want to e-mail Ariel Sharon

I want to e-mail Shaul Mofaz

* If you are not faxing from the U.S. or Canada, find your outgoing (IDD) international prefix HERE
(For example, dial 0015-972-2566-4838 from Australia or 00-972-2566-4838 from the UK)
Keep your messages cogent but brief - no more than a few sentences - and firm but polite
If you are not Jewish, please say so in your messages to Sharon and Mofaz
Protests from non-Jews on this subject are especially effective
Some day, G-d will ask all of us what we did to stop this horrific miscarriage of justice
What will your answer be?

Tell America to stop funding Muslim nuclear terrorism!

The Iranian Muslim nuclear terrorist reactor at Bushehr

Please send the following urgent e-mail
to America’s political leaders and news media:

Every drop of oil that we import from Muslim terrorist regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Iran helps to finance the development of nuclear weapons that will someday murder millions of Americans. We should immediately open ANWR to oil drilling. And the Bush Administration should immediately approve oil and gas exploration in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve. The U.S. must begin an emergency crash program to achieve energy independence through a massive expansion in the use of clean coal, shale, natural gas, domestic oil and nuclear power. We must also begin an emergency crash program to develop cars and other motor vehicles that do not use gasoline. (For more information, please see the JTF.ORG web site.)

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD All influential people read their e-mail! (see below) has the necessary e-mail addresses
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All influential people read their e-mail!
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(The above links will take you to official U.S. Senate and U.S. House web pages, where you can write your e-mails.)

You can also mail or phone the White House and your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative:

The White House
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* Insert the full name of either of your U.S. Senators. ***** ** Insert the full name of your U.S. Representative.


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How JTF would save America and Israel!

POINT ONE: A ferocious retaliation against all Muslim nations which have in any way aided or abetted terrorism against American citizens.

POINT TWO: The immediate destruction by the American or Israeli military of all Muslim nuclear reactors, plants and laboratories developing nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons of mass destruction.

POINT THREE: Total energy independence for America through a crash development program funded in the defense budget as a vital national security priority.

POINT FOUR: An immediate end to all U.S. foreign aid, even to a genuine friend and ally like Israel, which is harmed rather than helped by her counterproductive dependency on America’s addictive welfare handouts.

POINT FIVE: An immediate end to all foreign immigration into the United States, combined with the complete expulsion of America’s millions of illegal aliens and the stringent removal of her legal ones at the expiration of their work or residency visas.

POINT SIX: An immediate recognition by the United States of little Israel’s G-d-given right and obligation to assert full and permanent sovereign control over all sacred Jewish Biblical lands, including Judea, Samaria, the Gaza District, the Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem.

POINT SEVEN: An immediate withdrawal from the fanatically anti-American United Nations (UN) and all organizations directly or indirectly affiliated with it, and the immediate banning of all UN-related activities on American soil.

Spread the truth about the Muslim Koran!

Distribute JTF’s flyer, quoting the “peaceful” Muslim Koran, to all patriotic Americans
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In a new column up at Sam Francis does not let us forget how certain shocking positions Pres. Bush has taken in the realm of basic morality, such as his fervent, aggressive support for the passionately pro-abortion Senator Arlen Specter over a pro-life challenger, are no exception but more or less the rule. This ethical reprobate, George Bush, did not have within him even the tiny shred of moral fiber needed to take a stand unequivocally in support of the defense of marriage amendments, all eleven of which passed overwhelmingly in a spectacular victory for ordinary, normal human decency—something Bush was apparently blind to. The principled salt-of-the-earth activists working their fingers to the bone to get these ballot iniatives in place for the election against all sorts of well-funded leftist challenges were received cooly and even rebuffed by Bush’s people in the GOP, when they expected a little help. They were left to fend for themselves by the liberal party snobs Bush has preferred to surround himself with who were embarrassed, apparently, to be seen associating with believing Christians. See if reading the following doesn’t send a wave of visceral disgust into the pit of your stomach:

“The neoconservatives of course are not the only people who don’t want to talk about such matters—namely, the moral direction of the nation and its culture. The Republican establishment doesn’t want to talk about it either, which is why, as The Washington Post reported last week, evangelicals had to drag the GOP kicking and screaming to support the marriage amendments at all. In Michigan, state Sen. Alan Cropsey, sponsor of a bill to ban homosexual marriage, told The Post, ‘The Republican Party was not helpful at all. It’s not like they were the instigators. They were the Johnny-come-latelies, if anything.’ Several other activists say the same. So far from Republicans or the White House using the ballot measures to crank out the evangelical vote, the evangelicals themselves—and in some areas Roman Catholic groups—created the movement. Evangelical leader Charles Colson says, ‘The White House guys were kind of resisting it [the marriage issue] on the grounds that “We haven’t decided what position we want to take on that.” ’ [Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP, by Alan Cooperman and Thomas B. Edsall, November 8, 2004] What the election returns really tell us, then, has little to do with President Bush (who a week before the election defended ‘rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that’s what a state chooses to do,’ and explicitly renounced the GOP platform on same-sex marriage on ABC’s Good Morning America) […]”


“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


reads disclaimer by professor joseph olson,about bogus e-mail and elections here:

America’s Christian Heart Has Spoken
European Reactions to the Elections in the United States

US-Americans have re-elected their President – much to the chagrin of most Europeans. George W. Bush is not their favorite person: Just four per cent of all Germans would have given him their vote. Almost the entire range of mass media placed their bets on John F. Kerry and predicted an election chaos, the likes of which we had seen in the year 2000. But, alas, the prophets of doom turned out to be false prophets.

President Bush won convincingly. What is most bewildering to West Europeans: The war in Iraq did not play the decisive role, and George W. Bush owed his victory to Bible believing Christians, pro lifers, advocates of family values. America’s Christian heart has spoken – what does it tell us Europeans? First: America is different. We are divided nowadays not so much by “the big pond” but by a Christian cultural watershed. “More than 80 percent of Americans believe in the Virgin Birth, while fewer than 30 percent believe in the evolution”, wrote Garry Wills, adjunct professor of history at Northwestern University, in the New York Times. The opposite is true in Western Europe. Moral and ethical issues were important to 22 percent of the US-voters, the highest percentage of all topics. Can you imagine Jaques Chirac, Tony Blair or Gerhard Schroeder fighting their next elections on issues such as abortion, same sex marriages and the family and not on the economy, unemployment and social security? I can’t. The European media have – for the most part – ridiculed the “fundamentalists”, “pietists” and “religious right”. They stare in disbelief at the political influence of American evangelicals. If that does not sound ironic from leftist circles proclaiming the one and only social Gospel not so long ago. The fact is: While Americans are re-discovering Christian values, Europeans are discarding them. Only a couple of weeks ago the European Parliament congratulated itself on toppling a designated EU commissioner, because the Catholic politician had the nerve to call homosexuality a sin. It would be sad if the US-elections would foster anti-American sentiments in Europe. Transatlantic voter bashers would not only lash out at evangelicals in the USA but also in Europe. On second thoughts: Would it really hurt so much, if European evangelicals were challenged to stand up for Jesus?

Author: Evangelische Nachrichtenagentur idea

please mr. kalb,my computer is very primitive and my knowledge from html is minimal,because it I want to paste it you can edit it. I think you must to read these important material,

And it’s not the difference in age that makes Mrs. Heinz Kerry seem more masculine than Laura Bush. She’s 66, an age at which Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, and Jimmy Carter’s wife (can’t remember her first name) were all extremely feminine, just like Laura Bush is today. Theresa veers more toward the Betty Friedan end of the femininity spectrum. Many women may like that in a president’s wife, and doubtless many others don’t notice it at all, but certainly there are many who are turned off by it and will vote for the alternative on that basis alone. Obviously I’m no expert and it’s easy to shoot your mouth off on these matters. But that’s my strong feeling about this reported narrowing of the longstanding “gender gap” this election: Theresa rubbing women the wrong way is contributing to it.

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


It’s the religion thing. The party platform is fine. But there are Blaine amendment, the Catholic Church is “the Whore of Rome” types very active in the party. The Constitution party’s Protestant/Evangelical political emphasis was tried in the 19th cenut ry. It failed repeatedly and has no chance whatsoever today.

I collected signatures for a Constitution Party member to get on the Florida Senate ballot this summer. Nice guy. Agreed with him on nearly all political issues. Certainly more than I do with t he GOP.

When I turned in the signatures, the lecture was painful. And I don’t mind those who proselytize. In fact, I welcome religious debate and evangelicals to do what they do.

But there are limits. Many in the Constitution Party go beyond, way beyon d, the limits of respectful disagreement on matters of faith. Until the party shakes that, it will never be a serious political force.

I won’t be as cynical toward the Constitution party as I am toward the Libertarian Party. I don’t believe the Constitution party is infested with those who wish the other side—liberals—to win. Not yet at least. ??

We’ll see less of what we don’t like about Bush if we elected Kerry? a twisted destructive way. We’ll see Charles Schumer or Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court, more abortion, more gun control laws, higher taxes, a gutted military, more aid to Israel than Bush gives, the entire Federal bench filled with those who believe in a “living constitution”, the gay agenda pushed with ferocity, home schooling attacked, private schools attacked, school vouchers attacked, more government workers, another atrocity such as Project Megiddo, IRS attacks on churches which make what Clinton did seem like kiddy play, more government spending and so on and so on.

Sailer will then be crying because the GOP isn’t doing enough to stop Kerry.


Bush has always had three things he refuses to compromise on:

1. Tax cuts

2. Judges

3 The WOT

Janice Rogers Brown and Miguel Estrada are, I believe, Bush’s top two picks for the next Supreme Court slot. Excellent. Constructionists. Brown is on the California Supreme Court and is a thorn in the side of secularists (she is black, opposes Roe v Wade, Affirmative Action and so on).

Other Bush picks are:

Claude Allen
Priscilla Owen (being filibustered now)
Carolyn Kuhl
William H. Myers
William H. Pryor, Jr (recess appointment)
Charles W. Pickering, Sr.(recess appointment)

All these nominations are opposed by People for the American way and NARAL (among other liberal groups).

GOP now has 54 Senators. Alaska is undecided but it apears the GOP will pick up one more. 60 are needed to break a filibuster. Quite possible a filibuster will fail on most of these nominations.

No need to worry about another Souter. Bush and the GOP learned their lesson. These candidates are as rock solid as Thomas and Dcalia.
They will change the Federal bench for the better for the next 20 to 30 years.

California Justice Janice Brown, who upheld Prop. 209 (earning her the absolute hatred of the left), may be on the Supreme Court before the end of Bush’s final term. Some remarks by Justice Brown:

“Some things are apparent. Where government moves in, community retreats, civil society disintegrates, and our ability to control our own destiny atrophies. The result is: families under siege; war in the streets; unapologetic expropriation of property; the precipitous decline of the rule of law; the rapid rise of corruption; the loss of civility and the triumph of deceit. The result is a debased, debauched culture which finds moral depravity entertaining and virtue contemptible.”

“My grandparents’ generation thought being on the government dole wa s disgraceful, a blight on the family’s honor. Today’s senior citizens blithely cannibalize their grandchildren because they have a right to get as much “free” stuff as the political system will permit them to extract.”

“I have argued that collectivism was (and is) fundamentally incompatible with the vision that undergirded this country’s founding. The New Deal, however, inoculated the federal Constitution with a kind of underground collectivist mentality. The Constitution itself was transmuted into a significantly different document. In his famous, all too famous, dissent in Lochner, Justice Holmes wrote that the ‘constitution is not intended to embody a particular economic theory, whether of paternalism and the organic relation of the citizen to the State or of laissez faire.’ Yes, one of the greatest (certainly one of the most quotable) jurists this nation as ever produced; but in this case, he was simply wrong.”

“The American philosophy of the Rights of Man was never fully grasped by European i ntellectuals. Europe’s predominant idea of emancipation consisted of changing the concept of man as a slave to the absolute state embodied by the king, to the concept of man as the slave of the absolute state as embodied by “the people” i.e. switching f rom slavery to a tribal chieftain into slavery to the tribe.”

Other judges up for the Federal Bench are here.

They can’t all be filibustered. The Bush legacy will be the profound effect he ha d on the courts. There are three items on which Bush will not compromise: 1.Tax cuts 2. Judicial nominations 3. The WOT.

It will take a least a year for Bush’s selections to begin to reverse the damage done by the judiciary since FDR. But it will occur and it will continue for decades.

From the Doug Newman column posted by André:

“Have I even mentioned the Constitution yet? Two words don’t appear there: ‘solve’ and ‘problems.’ No matter who occupies the White House or has a majority on Capitol Hill, government cannot solve your problems, my problems or the country’s problems.”


“So what does one do? I hang my hat with The Libertarian Party and its presidential candidate Michael Badnarik. Where there are no Libertarians on the ballot, I will support The Constitution Party. If no one from either of these parties appears on the ballot for a given office, I will write someone in. I will not put my stamp of approval on our current form of government. And if you do not support our current form of government, don’t put your stamp of approval on it either. When you support the lesser of two evils, you still get evil.”


“Bush is not Hitler and Kerry is not Stalin. However, this country is on a bobsled ride toward full-blown socialist tyranny. No matter who wins on November 2, this bobsled ride will continue.”


I’m no Libertarian, and there were three or four things stated or alluded to in this libertarian column I strongly disagreed with—implied support for drug legalisation, for example, and support for homosexual “marriage,” to cite two—and there was one huge lacune: not a single mention of the immigration crisis (most libertarians do not have any quarrel with open borders). But overall this was, nevertheless, a truly EXCELLENT column!


“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.


Excuse me for not putting the above post of 11:59pm where it belongs. It belongs underneath Muhlenberg’s post of 11/27, 9:52pm, entitled “LP is a DNC front” (which it is replying to).

“If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.