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Bush's theocratic America

How religious issues present themselves to the mainstream press in conservative red-state America: according to the Salt Lake Tribune,

  • When the Pope says that Catholic institutions should be genuinely Catholic he’s “preaching conformity.”
  • When Unitarian Universalists go from celebrating “gay marriage” to celebrating multiple-partner arrangements they’re “support[ing] lots of love.”
  • And when a Swedish pastor is sentenced to prison for saying in a sermon that homosexuality is really bad, he’s “guilty of incitement.”


Anyone who hasn’t clicked on the link in this log entry really ought to, if only to read the first two unbelievable items for himself: see what the Unitarians are up to, and see what got a Protestant minister in Sweden sentenced—not to a fine—but to a month’s hard time in jail… (As they say, you can’t make this stuff up…)