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Technocracy, the Peripheries, and the NWO

I look at the connections among modern materialism, the Church of the Peripheries, and globalism at Crisis Magazine.



It is very sad when the Church, the expert in human nature and guardian of the authoritative Divine Self - revelation sets this aside and attempts to harmonise (harmonize: forgive me for my Australian spelling) itself with the liberal outlook thereby depriving its members of their birthright. As always , I think the only place to begin to reverse this is in the home and with like minded local families: ideally within the same parish. Hence we attempt to imbue our week and home with the sacred and live as though there is more to life than market and bureaucratic principles. We try and instill a healthy sense of pride for our country and history. Small steps but one must start somewhere…. any thoughts Mr Kalb? Thank you for your site and writings.

I’m writing something for Catholic World Report with a bit more on how to go about it. Should appear there in March. You’re right that people have to get their own lives turned around, and start at the local level.

Rem tene, verba sequentur.

Thank you Mr Kalb. As always I look forward to reading your article in Catholic World Report