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Addendum for inquiring minds

A note related to my recent entry on homosexuality:

Modernity is marked by rejection of knowledge as contemplation in favor of knowledge as technology---to use philosophical jargon, by rejection of essence and formal and final cause in favor of efficient and material cause. It's all about using things to get what we want. The result has been an enormous expansion of immediate this-worldly power but a progressive decline in our ability to recognize what things are (their essence) and their principle of functioning (their formal and final cause).

One effect is that moral principles based on form, function, and essence have been abandoned in favor of consideration of particular consequences. Current issues relating to marriage and relations between the sexes provide an example. To say that men and women are different, and that their bodies and their union have an intrinsic functional design that should form how we think about them, is bigotry and unreason. Each of us should do what makes most sense in particular circumstances based on his particular goals and concerns.

The effect is that marriage disappears as an institution. But if it's consequences we're looking at, what are the consequences of that?