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White for black


Radical Islam in the managerial state

The cure for the problems of the managerial liberal state is always more of the same. Europeans wary of ‘political Islam’ provide an example. European ruling elites have noticed that there are more and more Muslims in Europe, they cluster together and don’t assimilate, their presence means crime and terrorism, and ordinary Europeans are beginning to get annoyed. The elite response to this issue, which in fact goes to the very nature and identity of European societies, is that it is something to be dealt with by social scientists and administrators as one more problem in social management.


Racism expert

A little while ago I wondered aloud what an “expert on racism” is. Now we know: it’s someone who says “Slam them hard and slam them now” and can then testify as an expert at the trial of those to be slammed.


Family life in black and white

This seems to add a piece to the puzzles regarding the comparative weakness of the ties between black men and women worldwide: Public policies promoting marriage may not benefit all children, Cornell social policy expert finds in study. What the study suggests is that white children are affected more by broken homes, black children more by the quality of relationship with the mother. It’s hard to believe the differences are categorical, but different things do go on in different communities and it’s good to be aware of that. In particular, if diversity is real even in fundamental matters like what makes for successful child rearing integration may not be the cure-all that the rhetoric of “inclusion” and “exclusion” suggests.


Racial profiles

What happens when journalism gets too real? ‘Philly Daily News’ Ponders Photo Controversy. The paper ran a spread on the city’s at-large murder suspects and two of them got caught. Unfortunately, the suspects were all the wrong color. The paper had to apologize in response to a flood of angry phone calls and emails, as well as demands from black leaders for editorial heads to roll. In her apology, the managing editor said it was a mistake to run the photos without addressing why none of the suspects were white. I’m sure that would have helped—nothing like a full and frank discussion of these issues to soothe ruffled feelings. The best comment on the situation was made by a Daily News columnist: “The capitulation of the Daily News does nothing but prove that, as a society, we remain unwilling to broach any subject that involves substantive dialogue about race.” I can’t help but wonder if that columnist fully understands just how impossible such a dialogue is.


UK public discussion flies blind

What’s going on here? Gang membership spirals among under-16s in England. The Guardian—possibly acting in its role of Platonic guardian, noble lies and all—apparently doesn’t want to tell the whole story. It’s a problem, they say, of big cities, schools, and “gun violence,” which apparently is an active principle like the drug trade. It should be obvious that to respond the public needs to know a bit more about the gangs’ social setting, for example which of the communities now composing British society are most seriously affected. It’s not likely the public will get much of that information from the free British press anytime soon. It could of course be that all communities are equally affected, which would itself be of great interest. The failure of The Guardian to say so suggests that is not the case, however.


A little bit too “edgy”

In a way, there’s nothing surprising about this: Target Yanks ‘Neo-Nazi’ Clothing Off Shelves. If I were a retailer I wouldn’t want to sell things with coded Nazi slogans on them either. Still, the story has some oddities:

  1. The description of the clothing and the picture are a little alarming. Joseph Rodriguez, a man in his 50s who flagged the problem, is quoted by Reuters as saying that until he saw the “88”s he thought it was “cool.” Why?
  2. The story speaks of “experts on retail branding and on racism.” What is an expert on racism? I’ve written a few things on antiracism as a system of thought and feeling and there’s not much else out there on the subject. Does that make me one of the world’s leading experts on antiracism?
  3. One of the experts on retail branding says “At a minimum, the retailer will need to be far more vigorous in screening the merchandise it sells.” How can they catch esoteric meanings? Which ones should they avoid? Things suggesting satanism like skulls and the color red? Should they hire Morris Dees to screen everything for them?
  4. Why is it that selling things with communist symbols is completely different? There haven’t been any Nazis to speak of for better than half a century, yet somehow they remain obsessively fascinating and demonically threatening. It seems to me the reason is that liberal ideology rejects as immoral essential aspects of human life, those that depend on particular loyalties, and the conflict between moral demands and human nature creates a perpetual need to demonize and scapegoat. Unfortunately, that’s about as abstract as an explanation can be. Some cultural historian with a secure livelihood should do a study on the history, development and function of the Nazi as a symbol, and of related symbols like the Racist and the Holocaust.

The continuing triumph of immigration

I suppose as a good citizen I should consider it a triumph that A Record 1 Million Gained U.S. Residency Last Year. Life in America is basically a party, and the more show up the merrier. Also, all those families got reunited, and if those who come leave other relatives behind, well, maybe something can be worked out about them too. And amidst all the festivities and love there are practical benefits. As the Dow Jones Newswires tell us, Immigrants Keep U.S. Economy Supple. Which is to say (as the article notes) they keep wages down and provide employers with the eager and uncritical workers they’re looking for. Instead of exporting operations to Bangla Desh it’s ever so much easier—not to mention more progressive—to import Bangla Desh here. Is there any wonder no one thinks immigration is an issue?


No discussion allowed on immigration

Meanwhile, here’s an account of Ducking the debate on immigration in the UK. Not that different from the situation in the US, or from any social issue in the West generally. Our rulers won’t discuss anything serious, and if you raise any issues you’re divisive and intolerant—after all, issues divide and they arise only when someone doesn’t like something—so you don’t belong in public discussion.


Blacks at Leavenworth U

How come things have obviously gone so horribly wrong when the old days were so monstrous and there’s been all this progress? More Black Men Behind Bars In US Than In College.


Denny’s squared

FrontPage Magazine has an article on an interesting combination of the Denny’s Hustle and government by consent decree: Harvesting the Fruits of Liberal Guilt. The Denny’s Hustle, of course, is the practice of bringing strike suits against large PR-conscious companies complaining of multiple acts of racism. Government by consent decree is a procedure whereby activists outside government bring suit against an agency, generally one controlled or staffed by sympathizers, that is settled by an agreement between the parties that court approval turns into the law of the land. In the FrontPage article, some black farmers brought suit against the US Department of Agriculture complaining that it was unfair that the 1 percent of the nation’s farmers who are black got only 3 percent of USDA loans. The Clinton Administration settlement, approved by the court, gave $50,000 to blacks who said they had applied for loans (government records only go a few years back and no proof was required that older applications had actually been made) and were willing to submit purported copies of letters complaining about discrimination (no verification was required that the letter had actually been sent or received by the government). An advertising campaign induced 25,000 to jump aboard the gravy train, of whom 60% collected. Who says this isn’t the greatest country in the world?


Trouble in (apparent) paradise

The Monmouth County (New Jersey) Prosecutor’s Office is apparently awash in money, enough to let them spend $400,000 on a 30-second TV spot featuring Hitler, burning crosses, lynchings and whatnot, with a voiceover announcing “no one is immune” and encouraging listeneners to report bias incidents to a hotline. The reason: a “a string of racist incidents,” including “threatening notes to black students” at one high school, a “racial comment” at another, and the dissemination of racist and anti-Semitic literature. So one possible crime, most likely a student prank, and a few unpleasant comments and leaflets and there’s a crisis justifying extraordinary measures. The article quotes the local official in charge to the effect that the announcements are intended to help create a climate in which “incidents like these [e.g., making comments and distributing leaflets] will not be tolerated.” Maybe this really is the top law-enforcement problem in the earthly paradise known as Monmouth County. Am I a cynic to doubt it?


Another Mohammedan plot

Another plot to destroy Bolognese fresco of Mohamet being cast into Hell, the second one in two months. This plot involved not only the standard four Arabs aged between 20 and 30 but also an Italian art historian, aged 55, who had sponsored the Arabs for work permits. Italian radicalism lives, I suppose.


Local lynching

Wonders of diversity, chapter umpteen: Bangladeshi man beaten to death by mob of Dominican bike thieves for calling 911. It happened right here in Brooklyn, although East New York is a long way away. Query: if a nonwhite mob kills a nonwhite and race is evidently an issue, is it a lynching? Or is this just another hate crime against Muslims? (It’s hard to know how to react when you aren’t sure what to call it.)


More on the abolition of Britain

Here’s an account of the effects of immigration on Britain and some reader responses. Can anything be more stupid than claims there are no real problems here, and that immigration opponents are simply anti-immigrant xenophobes who need to be re-educated to celebrate diversity?


Homophobia sternly suppressed

How a minor altercation becomes a hate crime: take a blue-collar neighborhood dispute that starts with insults and ends with shoving and punching but no-one hurt. Make one party an ex-con who had gone straight, the other a homosexual. Let them call each other “drug dealer” and “faggot.” Result: since homosexuals are a protected class, and someone said “faggot,” the State of Maine goes for a $5000 penalty plus attorney’s fees and a 200-foot no-go area around the homosexual.

Since the link won’t last, here’s the story:

Hate allegation is unfair, man claims

By ALAN ELLIOTT / Journal Tribune Staff Writer

BIDDEFORD - Reginald Gilbert Sr. will be the first to tell you he’s no angel.

When he was younger, he sold drugs, used drugs and found himself a world of trouble. The state gave him five years in prison to think things over.

Soon after he walked out he met Dorothy Simoneau. The couple live in a Yale Street apartment with a big back yard where their younger kids can play.

A sheet rock hanger for the past 10 years, Gilbert brought home plenty of dirt under his fingernails. But he managed, until May 17, to keep his nose pretty much clean.

But now Gilbert and his son, Reginald Gilbert Jr., are charged with violating the civil rights of a Yale Street neighbor in what the attorney general’s office calls a hate crime. Reginald Gilbert Jr. reported to Biddeford police Wednesday, charged with assaulting the man on May 17. Gilbert Sr. was charged with terrorizing the man.

The state is seeking an injunction against both Gilberts that would create a “protective zone,” requiring them to stay at least 200 feet from the 36-year-old victim of the alleged assault. The injunction also seeks a civil penalty of $5,000 and attorney’s fees.

The Gilberts have until Aug. 19 to answer the charges. Gilbert Sr. says they’ve been able only to find attorneys willing to handle the charges made by city police, but not the state case.

If the Gilberts do not reply, Assistant Attorney General Christina Moylan said a judge could grant the injunction by default. The state’s version the events in May has been the only description available since paperwork for the injunction request was filed July 26.

But on Wednesday, Gilbert Sr. said there was a conversation between the neighbor and Gilbert Jr. and that the next morning, the Gilberts woke up with the words “Drug Dealer” painted on the outside of their apartment. Gilbert Sr. confronted the neighbor, accusing him of painting the graffiti. That’s when the language began to heat up.

Gilbert Sr. says that words went back and forth as the three men stood at the end of Gilbert’s driveway and there was a physical confrontation. Both men, the Gilberts said, remained standing.

Gilbert Sr. has a hard time understanding what a hate crime is. He said he’s not prejudiced against gays or anyone else. He has friends who are gay, he said, and works for gays.

But the injunction accuses the Gilberts of using a long list of slurs, in combination with making threats and, in the case of Gilbert Jr., physical force. Those slurs included “child molester,” “queer” and “faggot.”

In a second incident, at 2 a.m. the following day, Gilbert Sr. allegedly continued using the slurs, even after police arrived.

Biddeford Police Department Detective Elizabeth Coleman said even abusive language is protected under the Constitution as free speech - until it is combined with threats or physical force. She said police routinely report cases that include abusive language to the attorney general.

The state then decides, Moylan said, whether the language attacks a victim’s race, gender, ancestry, national origin, disability or sexual preference.

Whether or not someone like Gilbert is genuinely prejudiced is not the issue.

“We don’t try to get into the mind, that’s not really our job,” Moylan said. “We look at objective indicators, and language is the most common objective indicator. … We don’t try to stop prejudice, we try to stop certain kinds of conduct.”

The purpose of the injunction is primarily to put a barrier between hate victims and their attackers, Moylan said, “so that nobody is targeted like this again.”


Black and white at Xerox

Nemesis lives, pursuing the insolent and unjust with inflexible vengeance: Workers take Xerox to court for antiblack discrimination. Xerox, of course, is a notorious leader in corporate “affirmative action.” At the end of last year its US workforce was 5% Asian, 8% Hispanic, and 17% African-American, and 37% of its senior executives were women, black or both. Forty-four percent [!] of new hires are minorities. It ranks 14th on the Fortune Best Companies for Minorities list. (Its rank just dropped from 6th, apparently because of these disputes. Apart from Lucent it still outranks every other company on the list that actually makes things. Most of the other top-rankers are either quasi-governmental or regulated utilities.)

In spite of that appalling record, it just lost a proceeding before the EEOC and is facing racism lawsuits in New York and Cincinnati. Reading between the lines, it appears that the New York lawsuit grew out of an attempt at racial outreach: minority sales representatives hired to serve minority districts in Brooklyn and the Bronx, so customers could see a company that “looks like them,” are suing because they were given districts in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Tough luck!


Whiteness studies

And to round out recent discussions of race, racism and antiracism, here’s a good reference for whiteness studies.


Rx or PC?

More PC in medicine: an English surgeon who complained that patients’ lives could be put at risk by foreign nurses with a poor command of English is facing formal disciplinary action for “racism.” The article mentions that Patricia Moberly, the chairman of the hospital, has made no secret of her ambition to promote the hospital as a forward-thinking institution where discrimination, racism and harassment are not tolerated. Antiracism trumps everything, routine matters like health care can take care of themselves, and if your parochial professional concerns cause a problem for the hospital’s 5-year antiracism plan then you’ve got the problem.


Diversity at Motorola and Ford

We’ve commented how the combination of management by concept and the diversity imperative has given rise to mandatory sexual revisionism for those who want to work for large companies. Since the cases we commented on were British, it might be worth mentioning one from America: Motorola “homophobia” workshops, other activism creating tension in workplace.

The Motorola article points that while all have to bow down to the current idol of the marketplace if they want get ahead, white men have special problems simply because of who they are. Inclusiveness doesn’t really include everyone.

And it’s not just Motorola that is becoming explicitly anti-white and anti-male, especially in the case of older workers in middle management and others in vulnerable positions. As the Detroit News points out quite calmly, aggressive recruiting of minorities and women is sweeping away the old guard at Ford. To understand the significance of the latter article, bear in mind that Ford is only 49th on the Fortune Best Companies for Minorities list. Others are even better.

One would expect this brand of business-by-concept to crash like the “new economy,” dot coms, and other froth that appears during the final stages of a boom that has gone on too long. To some extent diversity extremists are protected by the legal pressures that force all large institutions to declare “diversity” one of their fundamental goals. Nonetheless, it’s hard to deny reality altogether. As even Fortune observes, “The firms on [the] Best Companies for Minorities list aren’t immune to problems currently plaguing corporate America. But despite adversity, these companies have not abandoned their commitment to hiring, promoting, and retaining talented employees of all races.” So these progressive firms aren’t doing so well. Despite [!] that, Fortune says, they want the most talented people. The “despite” of course constitutes proof, if it were needed, that Fortune knows, at least on some level, that the puffery about the business benefits of “diversity” is nonsense.



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