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The Left, the Right, and Catholicism

My latest at Catholic World Report is about left liberals, right liberals, and what to do about them.


In the Middle of the Journey

My latest column at Catholic World Report goes into various flip-flops in the Catholic Church’s attitude toward secular powers. There are no perfect answers, but clear-headedness is good, and maybe the Church is righting herself from the extreme optimism of the post-Vatican II period.


Freedom and the political good

I have a piece by that name (subtitled “some preliminary considerations”) up at the Liberty Law Blog.


Liberalism, Catholicism, and the Good

I have another column, this one on liberal and Catholic conceptions of the good and the just, at Catholic World Report.


More on freedom and tyranny

That’s the original title of my latest column at Catholic World Report. It’s basically an argument that Catholics shouldn’t base their political arguments on freedom, they should base them on substantive goods. (I don’t know what it shows that they renamed it “Tyranny, Religion, and the Fight for Freedom.”)


God and liberal modernity

That’s the name of my March column at Catholic World Report.


The tyranny of misunderstood freedom

That’s the name of a piece I have up at Catholic World Report.


Empire and the crisis of American conservatism

I have a piece in a symposium on conservatism and empire at the University Bookman.


Salingaros interview

I interview the mathematician and architectural theorist Nikos Salingaros at the Philadelphia Society website. He goes into a variety of topics relating to his recent writings, including the evolution of living form, the cluelessness of modern man, the perfidies of the evil oligarchs. and what it all means for politics and religion.


Liberalism and its meaning for Christians

[Originally published in the Spring 2005 issue of The New Pantagruel]

Liberalism has enormous power as a social reality. When liberals call themselves “progressive” they make it stick. Their views dominate all reputable intellectual and cultural institutions. Judges feel free to read liberalism into fundamental law, even without historical or textual support, because it seems so obviously right.



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