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Deneen on liberalism

My review of Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deneen is online at Catholic World Report.


Marx and progressives

In CWR I present a Marxist account of progressivism as an exploitive ruling class ideology.


The Church and cosmopolitanism

What does secular universalism mean for the Church? I discuss the issue in Crisis Magazine.


Sanity and the Church

I continue the discussion with comments on how Catholicism can restore sanity to today’s thought.


Catholics and Today’s Thought

I puzzle over what Catholics should do about modernity at Catholic World Report.


Comments on Ibn Khaldun

My review of The Orange Trees of Marrakesh, a book on Ibn Khaldun and the science of man.


Why Christian sexual morality is rejected

I give some reasons and and suggest what might help at Crisis Magazine.


Liberalism and Catholicism

Is there room in liberalism for Catholicism? I discuss the issue at Crisis Magazine..


The darkness gathers

Is America a revolutionary ideological state?

Reducing religion to politics

I discuss why religion like everything else gets turned into politics these days at Crisis Magazine.


Harassment, social progress, and the Church

I comment on the current to-do about Harvey Weinstein and the guys at Catholic World Report.


The idea of an inclusive society

People say we need an inclusive society, but what would one actually be like? I discuss the question at Crisis Magazine.


Dissolving the black hole of modernity

I participate in a symposium on “reactionary praxis: how to turn critique and theory into practical use” at Sydney Traditionalist Forum. My contribution is here.


Donald Trump, social issues, and Catholic witness

I comment on that rather strange combination of concerns at Catholic World Report.


Honoring rulers, honoring truth

I discuss in Crisis Magazine the difficulties that arise showing respect for our betters when our betters aren’t really our betters.


Anti-ideals, anti-theologies

I talk about the relation between bad religion and bad politics at Catholic World Report.


Does Catholic political idealism make sense?

Is Catholicism really all about politics? I discuss the issue at Catholic World Report.


What "hate" and "bigotry" mean today

I discuss that timely question at Crisis Magazine.


Worse at what it is

I complain about the direction New York City has been taking in Chronicles Magazine.



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