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Why Catholics should sympathize with nationalism

I discuss nationalism, globalism, and Catholicism at Crisis Magazine.


Why divinize the Pope?

There’s a followup on last month’s piece on the divinization of Francis at Crisis Magazine.


The Pope as supreme being

I discuss the divinization of Francis at Crisis Magazine.


The conundrum of progressivism

What is progressivism, why is it so, and what can be done about it? I discuss such questions at Catholic World Report.


What version of human dignity should Catholics defend?

I discuss the secular and Catholic versions of human dignity at Crisis Magazine.


The puzzle of liberal bigotry

Why have liberals become so bigoted? I discuss the question at Catholic World Report.


The world has little of value to teach the Church

I discuss whether the Church should keep on running after the world at Crisis Magazine.


The socialist temptation

I discuss the socialist temptation among Catholics at Crisis Magazine.


When the Church reads the signs of the times

I comment on the Church, the signs of the times, and eternity in Crisis Magazine.


Deneen on liberalism

My review of Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deneen is online at Catholic World Report.


Marx and progressives

In CWR I present a Marxist account of progressivism as an exploitive ruling class ideology.


The Church and cosmopolitanism

What does secular universalism mean for the Church? I discuss the issue in Crisis Magazine.


Sanity and the Church

I continue the discussion with comments on how Catholicism can restore sanity to today’s thought.


Catholics and Today’s Thought

I puzzle over what Catholics should do about modernity at Catholic World Report.


Comments on Ibn Khaldun

My review of The Orange Trees of Marrakesh, a book on Ibn Khaldun and the science of man.


Why Christian sexual morality is rejected

I give some reasons and and suggest what might help at Crisis Magazine.


Liberalism and Catholicism

Is there room in liberalism for Catholicism? I discuss the issue at Crisis Magazine..


The darkness gathers

Is America a revolutionary ideological state?

Reducing religion to politics

I discuss why religion like everything else gets turned into politics these days at Crisis Magazine.



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